Simple Budget Travel Tips in Beijing

save money while traveling


When visiting a foreign country for the first time, it is important to do a little bit of reading and research in order to prepare for what you can expect. You can enjoy the capital city of China even if you are on a short budget. There are ways to enjoy your travel to the fullest while saving some money. You can do so by carefully planning and reading up on these few tips to experience Beijing without having to spend extravagantly. Below are the 5 simple tips to save money while enjoy travelling.

1. There are many museums and temples in Beijing. If you are not a culture buff and you just want to enjoy the natural landscape, Beijing has a bunch of temples for you to explore. You can consult the public guides and learn more about the rich history of the area. When visiting the Great Wall, Tiananmen, and the Temple of Heaven, there are a lot of different things for you to explore.

2. You can also enjoy the Beijing nightlife if you are visiting the city during the New Year celebration. There are many bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and dancing floors in the streets. It is fun and exciting!

3. Beijing is a place where you can learn a little bit of the local language. The public transportation in the area speaks Chinese. You can use this to your advantage if you want to say, for example, “May I see your passport?”

4. You can get a good bargain on your hotel room if you have a daytime room. Going to the hotel in the evening will only put you further behind schedule. Since the hotel rooms are larger, you can also fit more people into it.

5. Be careful with your money and valuables. Try to avoid being picked pockets. It is best to not carry large amounts of cash with you.

6. Try not to over schedule yourself. You can enjoy your Beijing Pedestrian Tour and Ancient City walk at a slower pace.

7. Have a good meal at your hotel. Check what restaurants and eating joints are worth visiting.

8. Do some tourist sightseeing outside of the city. Take a bus or a taxi to the West Sea Beach, the Badaling Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and the Beijing Zoo.

9. Check out some inexpensive accommodation and rental cars.

10.Have a picnic at Wuyi Mountain. It is hard to find a nice view of the city from the top of this mountain.

11. Have a Shabu eating tour. It is the best way to enjoy the local delicacies.

12. Enjoy the autumn festival and Lantern Festival.

13. dates, times, and directions for local buses, trains, and flights; write them on a piece of paper and bring it to the travel agency to exchange them.

14. If you are visiting Beijing, do not forget to visit the Great Wall.

15. Shopping can be fun, but it can also be tiring. Before you go, log into the internet and check what is on the market that you want to buy.

16. Travel agencies often sell accommodation packages. Check into these packages if you get tired from long walks.

17. Buy a bar of chocolate for your hotel room. Bring your own or make up your own.

18. Go jogging. Rent a car or take a city tour.

19. Bring your own Immersion Solarium or use the hotel one.

20. Cook your own food. The hotel can offer you room service. Ask for the Condescenda or the mess halls usually have a cook who comes to your room to do the job.

21. Have your own portable BBQ. The hotel will probably let you use the kitchenette.

22. Use the hotel News and magazines.

23. Bring your own towels and you your own SKB Specialty Cases.

24. Bring a neck pillow.

25. Bring a hat for the beach or write your own song.

26. sleep in! Or have a picnic in the park ( acceptable , not appropriate for children under 5)

27. Take naps or stay awake all day with a walk or swim.

28. Go to the movies or take a tour around the city.

29. Have a nice dinner, and then go to the theatre or find an outdoor concert.

30. Or catch the evening fireworks.

31. Prepare a recipe and take it along. It can be a dinner recipe or a treat for the kids.

32. Take half price admission to the Botanical Gardens or Aquarium.

33. Have a picnic lunch at a park or by the lake.

34. Bring your own strollers, booster seats, or car seats. (the traffic is horrible on weekend nights)