How Should an Orlando, FL Travel Agent Incorporate SEO into their Business and Why?

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Consumer behavior in Orlando has evolved with the increase in opportunities in the market. With the increased use of the internet, a significant number of consumers will peruse through the internet for a checkup about a certain product or service of interest. The tourism industry has not been left behind in the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective and sustainable marketing tool.

There are four main micro-moments in the use of travel SEO: the customer searches for a certain travel product, package, or service, the client embarks on a planning of the trip, the client books a trip, hotel, or an event, and the customer makes an actual experience, eg visiting an island.

How you present your travel website, its features, and its functionality plays a critical role in drawing the attention of the reader. The key to this is through the use of Orlando SEO in order to attract the attention of the online visitor.

Why Should Travel Agents in Orlando, FL Use SEO

To Impact and Influence Buying Cycle

A significant number of businesses in the US are already saturated in terms of the number of businesses available in a specific locality. In other words, the consumers are spoilt for choice. For example, Orlando, FL has a significant number of travel agents and travel companies. Most consumers start on Google before they make a decision on where to seek services from. Through the use of Orlando SEO, you are going to influence the buyers to consider your services. You are going to do this through presenting the services you offer, how the customers will benefit, and the value therein.

Engagement and Collection of Feedback

With the increase in technology opportunities, there are more opportunities of interaction. The use of Orlando, Florida SEO means making an attempt to attract heavy traffic to the website. In the process, clients are going to make comments, and they are going to ask questions. A good travel agent in Orlando, goes through each question or comment, and makes a factual and educated response.

In connection to this, it is critical that travel agents handle feedback in the right way, whether the feedback is positive or negative on sites like Yelp and BBB. Sweeping issues under the carpet is just a short term solution, and the truth will out anyway. Similarly, it is equally important that one appreciates positive feedback.

Gives an Orlando Travel Agent Authority

With different options available, consumers can be picky in what they want. In that case then, it is important that the travel agent presents himself or herself as trustworthy, credible, and with the right skills to attend to the clients. Past reviews are particularly important in helping the Orlando, Florida company present itself on a positive way. This is because they are a testimony of how you have treated other customers who have visited your office seeking your travel services.

Having stated why one should use travel Orlando SEO to seek authority. A good travel agent in Orlando should aim to capture customers based in the following geographical coverage: Orlando, Florida, the US, and the global tourism market.

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How Travel Agents in Orlando FL Use Orlando SEO

Content is King

The phrase content is king has been used in the SEO world and in Orlando, FL often that the phrase passes as a cliché; but it is all the more relevant. Content marketing starts with doing your research to detail. For example, if you are giving details about Winter Park Florida, ensure that you get your facts right. Some clients want to understand both the present and the history of a certain area, physical feature, or event.

When you are presenting content, you do not have to stick to the traditional black and white print. You can consider making the use of colors. However, being fancy should not divert the attention of the readers. In addition to that, one should consider the use of graphics as they play a critical role in making the presentation more appealing.

Promote Local Orlando SEO

A marketer should never ignore the benefits of local Orlando, FL SEO. The starting point should be Google My Business Listing. Google My Business has a number of features and characteristics that help the marketer enhance success in local SEO practices. These include URL, business name, the address, and the phone number.

Another advantage with local SEO is that it enables the travel agency to carry geo-targeting. It should be noted that a competent travel agent should assist guests in answering pertinent questions such as where to eat, recreation sites, and even religious facilities available in the vicinity.

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Link Building

Customers in Orlando, Florida are seeking out information which is trusted and not biased. As a travel agent, you should not hold the monopoly of truth, let your customer hear about what others think about certain products and services. Florida has a number of travel sites which can offer comprehensive and trustworthy information about a certain tourism opportunity. However, one should not over-use link building strategy. This is because, from recently, Google is discouraging the use of link building, as a pure and dominant strategy. It is always good to follow the strategies that Google recommends.

The Use of the Social Media With Orlando SEO

The modern marketing strategy in Florida is not complete without making the use of the social media. Many Americans make use of the social media every week, with Facebook being the most dominant. The social media plays a positive role in driving to your website. Some behavior, tweeting for instance, are critical in making posts go viral, thereby helping you to benefit from viral marketing.

At the same time, the social media can help you share your content instantly, making it an appealing platform of frequent posting. The social media can help you widen your client base and retain the existing customers. In addition to that, it can help you in building brand awareness.


In the highly competitive modern travel industry, Orlando SEO is of paramount importance. Individual travel companies have to strive towards achieving a strategic advantage. Overall, a strong Orlando SEO strategy will give your travel company a strategic advantage over your peers.