A Driving Tour Around Paris

Paris Driving Tour


If you’re into luxury, and you love the finer things in life, why not take a driving tour of Paris? Whether you are into art, architecture, cuisine, or fashion, you will find yourself in a city that will never cease to delight.

If you are a complete bargain hunter, you may be tempted to take a guided tour of Paris, and you will be able to bargain on the cost of the tour, at least in part, because you will know when you are approaching the destination. There are several car rental companies in Paris, and they will be happy to put together a tour for you that suits your budget and interest. Sometimes, you just want to get out and start walking around and seeing the sights. The streets of Paris can be a lot emptier than you may have imagine.

If you have the stomach for it, you can always take a city tour and see spray foam rigs for sale. City tours are a great way to walk around at your own pace. You can see a lot of the city without feeling like you are in a hurry to see everything that you planned to see.

Most city tours can be found by word of mouth, or at least through the Internet. You can simply go to a website to see what is available in the area you are interested in visiting. You can then search for city tours that are led by experienced guides, or simply look for reviews of the tour on a particular website.

Look for a company that has bargaining ability. If you are going to be travelling independently, you will want to negotiate the price of your tour. Many of these tour operators may be willing to offer much better steeply discounted rates than if you approach them with a straight rate.

Hiring a car can also be a great way to get around the city. If you are comfortable on a plane, you can easily hire a car of your own and avoid the hassle of parking and the need to find parking spaces.

Ever thought of going on one of the world’s many barge holidays? France has a lot of rivers to see, by virtue of the many locks that link the many different rivers of the country. If you want to see the “real” France, you will want to take a cruise of at least one of these major waterways. France has a network of canals that connect major cities such as Paris, but also down as small as village lines.

You can normally find tours that have a “cafe de passage” where you can stop and take a break. This is a typical sightseeing stop, usually on a quiet or main street corner. After you stop, there will usually be a few porters goading about in the back of the van, ready to sell you a can of what you need.

If you want to see a bit of the city, a good idea is to take a ride on one of the city’s canal boats. These usually have comfortable wooden benches to make sure that you are more comfortable than if you were on a boat in town. It is much like the standard “trolley” sightseeing boats that you see in big cities.

Most of the boats visiting Paris and its surrounding area go to Giverny or the Loire Valley, so you may not have to go far before you see the area’s greatest works of art. At Giverny, you will see the homes of the Chateau de Puveau, the Village Menin, and the gardens of vandelyn. At the Loire Valley, you will visit the gardens of the Arago Rose Line.

Many tours are lead by French guides, and they are knowledgeable about the city’s history. It is a good idea to take a French-speaking tour if you are into history.

Top tips for a visit to Paris

Here is a brief list of things you can do while you are in Paris.

1. Visit Notre Dame.

For many thousands of years, this has been considered to be the most holy place in the world, and the main attraction on a Roman march. The place is known for its basilica, and you can find tour buses that will take you to this site.

2. See the Eiffel Tower.

After the above mentioned Roman spectacle, nothing compares to the impressive Eiffel Tower. An iron lattice tower made on the foundations of the destroyed temple of the Ancient Romans, the Eiffel Tower is one of the most remarkable buildings in the world.

3. Visit the Louvre.

This is considered to be the most famous and best Paris attractions, and you can find a number of tours that will take you through here. You will find that the Louvre is made up of the art that has been created by human artists from the beginning of time until today.