Orlando by the Numbers

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Want to talk about the numbers behind the numbers? I have a solution to those who don’t seem to get the point. How many counties are there in the USA? I can count the answers to this and I am confident that 95% of you will know at least two.

My husband and I have moved to Orlando from Boston because of the overall vibe around here and we have gotten a great deal on rent. (In fact we almost considered buying here when we first moved there). So I’m not sure if I should be upset that I can’t find anyone married in the area (apologists rejoice) or that I can’t bring my little metric calculator to determine the area’s birthday.

The town’s website shortestates the total population as “11,140”. I couldn’t find exact counts in the census or the american world Factbook, but using the method of math that gives about 5 people per square mile gives a average of 11 people per square block, giving us 74 people per acre. Using these census figures we have 5 people per square mile, so a lot of people are poooooooooooooooop crowded, like really crowded.

However, this doesn’t answer the question of how many people are in the general population, or the specific population of the individual town. Using the method of math gives us 89 people per square mile; if everyone else stays put in their tiny little corner that gives us 2 people per square mile. This method doesn’t look good for the beach area, but in fact this is good for other areas with many industries. Also, the tiny little corner is only 2 miles long; by comparison, Lolla is my favorite spot in Orlando and draws 6 people per square mile. Lolla is about 15 miles long and has 33 people per square mile.

So there you go. Using our method you get Orlando’s population, and using solely the census figures you get 1,500 people in square mile. Using the average gives us 2 people per square mile. Since most of us live farther away from the ocean than Orlando, our population is centered on the north shore.

Because of this center, many of us look to our oceanside communities for recreation, safety, and a place to live. Others want to live in large enough spaces that they can afford to have family members or friends stay with them. Many of these middle income households can also afford to hire a home in Orlando.

You can see that using our method, it is more accurate to say there are, on average, 23 people per square mile in the Orlando metro area. This method corrects the problem that many people have with using the census figures. It also gives us a more balanced geographical situation.

Also, using the average population per square mile gives us a more accurate assessment of the Fair weather statistics. There are far fewer spots with a population density greater than Orlando. Many of these spots are suburban in nature and are either served by a major interstate, bypass or satellite type road. The roads in and out of these areas are congested all year round with heavy traffic. Their update and maintenance needs are accordingly greater than Orlando’s, which makes them an easier area to live in and visit.

So using these methods as a guide to affordable housing in Orlando and the surrounding area is more accurate than using the widely known Orlando condo rate. It is more inclusive in the amount of land and number of buildings for each income type. Using census figures and ratios, you end up with a more realistic assessment of housing needs and income levels within the Metropolitan Orlando area.

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