Best Places to Travel During Covid-19

travel during CoVid


The outbreak of COVID 19 is perhaps one event which had the biggest impact in modern economy. Even though there have been other challenges such as the financial crisis, the COVID 19 epidemic stands out on its own in terms of impact. It is a dire situation where the world comes to an economic standstill, and any step forward is slow and painful.

A study carried out by found out that a whopping 60 % of Americans have not taken a day of vacation since the vacation. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon and these include the following:

-Getting sick due to COVID 19

-Outright death

-The financial implication of contracting the disease

-Getting the disease and then transmitting it to the loved ones

-Getting the disease irrespective of having the right safety measures

So, in such an epidemic, what happens to the person who likes traveling? The ability to travel has been curtailed. There have been major interruptions in the ability to travel. Anyway, many of the travel destinations have been closed at one time or the other. Other local authorities have had heavy restrictions that a travel would not be worth the cost and time.

Despite the challenges, it is imperative that you learn that you can travel even in the face of the pandemic. The US and the world do offer ample travel opportunities even in the time of the virus. This article will guide you on how and where to travel during the virus.

CoVid 19 Travel Restrictions

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Visit

Choose a destination which is sensitive to the rules and regulations of the pandemic. Most importantly, check if the destination in question follows the recommendations by World Health Organization. In addition to that, the voice of Fauci has led to an environment where the American population is more informed regarding the pandemic. In short, there are ample sources of information in the US which can help you get updated on the pandemic.

The following is a criteria which can be used to evaluate if a certain destination is viable when it comes to the cases of COVID 19 and if it is safe to travel:

-The number of reported virus cases for every 100,000 inhabitants

-The number of reported deaths

-The number of reported recoveries

-Health measures that are put in place

-How compliant the individual businesses are to COVID 19 measures

The safest places to travel are outdoor places as well as remote areas. In such places, the rate of transmission is low, and you are not going to face a lot of cases of exposure. As a matter of fact, you will realize that some remote places do not have any cases of the virus at all making it safe for you.

Sources of Data and Information Regarding COVID 19

John Hopkins University gives reliable data on the COVID 19 cases that are affecting the country

-John Hopkins University has identified the COVID 19 hot spots

­-Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington

-Data from the World Travel & Tourism Council

Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida, will welcome you with open arms and open palms. It has sample traveling opportunities that are going to ensure that your holiday is worth it. Florida, a sunshine state, offers unique traveling opportunities throughout the year, and you should exploit these opportunities for your relaxation.

Palm Beach County has laid concrete measures to protect the residents and the visitors from the effect of COVID 19. Health rules are prepared by the state authorities as well as the local authorities, and the two sets of rules support each other.

The following health rules are in place at Palm Beach:

Facial covering

Social distancing, at least 6 feet

-Businesses should follow cleaning guidelines

The Town staff gives regular updates on the situation of COVID 19 on the town, as well as updates for one of the best CPA Palm Beach accountants.

Palm Beach has allowed the following travel destinations to be open: vacation rentals, hotels, museums, attractions, parks, beaches, and campgrounds. As a matter of fact, many residents are learning to live with the virus through ensuring that there are concrete measures of protecting oneself.

Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, has been pro-active in managing the spread of COVID 19. Places to visit in Savannah include Genteel & Bard | Fine Savannah History & Ghost Tours, Hyatt Regency, Salacia salts, and Eliza Thompson House.

Savannah has a rule that requires that people wear masks or any other type of face covering during the pandemic. When traveling in the state, the state does not just want the use of a mask, but rather, residents and visitors must be sure to cover their nose and mouth.

Esmeralda County, NV

Esmeralda County, Nevada

For Americans who love road trips and the fascination of nature, Esmeralda County is the place to visit. Here, you are not going to experience sufficient social amenities, but it will test how easily you can cope up with scarcity.

The people of Esmeralda County have shown a high level of restrain and willingness to manage the pandemic. The city benefits from isolation which has made it easier to manage the virus. In addition to that, the residents left the country after a devastating fire as well as a decrease in oil production.

Madeira Islands Portugal

Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands has put aggressive measures for the prevention and containment of COVID 19. It is a green zone region when it comes to the analysis of the virus, and have very few active cases compared to the rest of Europe.

At Madeira, you are going to experience the attractive beaches, and safe and clean restaurants. In addition to that, Portugal has an insurance policy that caters for COVID 19 specifically. Therefore, should you become sick, you are sure that you are not going to be crippled financially.

Asos Greece

Asos: Greece

Assos is located in Kefalonia Island, Greece. If you visit Asos, you are going to experience clear and blue skies, authenticity, unique food, and you are going to interact with cheerful people. A fishing village, Asos is regarded as one of the most ideal places to visit in the world.

Asos, like the rest of Greece, has been careful in screening the visitors. For example, prior to visiting Greece, one should ensure that a test is carried 72 hours prior to travel, and the test must be negative if one is allowed into the country.

The Maldives


On July 15th, the president of Maldives appreciated the need to re-open the country for the purpose of international tourism. After all, the country heavily relies on tourism and it had to be more aggressive in bringing back sources of income. If you visit Maldives, you are going to have a view of one of the most attractive places that the world has to offer.

As part of the health measures that the country has implemented, you must test negative to COVID 19 96 hours prior to your arrival time. When in the country, you have to implement health measures such as wearing of masks and social distancing.

safe travel during covid 19

What you should do

Now that you have identified the travel destination, the government may not do much to protect you from COVID 19. The responsibility lies with you. You have to protect yourself and others. Protecting yourself and others through following the recommended rules shows patriotism. The following initiatives will have a far-reaching impact in helping you to keep safe and protect yourself and others:

-Actively wearing facial covering whether the travel destination requires it or not

-Following social distancing rules

-Following the local and national news keenly in order to gain critical insight about the pandemic

-Avoid any form of congestion by all means

-Avoid any type of a crowd by all means

-If you are an older adult, then it is time to be overly prepared for any eventuality. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has had a heavy toll on the older generation.

-Similarly, if you have a certain chronic condition, diabetes fort instance, you need to be very careful when you are making travel plans. Ensure that you are as careful as you can.

Where You Should Not Travel

There are a number of hotspots that reputable organizations have identified. These include the following:

New York: The first case of COVID 19 was confirmed on March 1, 2020. At around July, New York had the highest number of cases in the country with the majority of the cases concentrated in the city. So serious has been the surge in the city that the elections were affected. The state and the city have had many cases throughout the year.

-New Orleans as well as the urban areas of the Northeast

-Some Sunbelt towns of Arizona

-El Paso County, Texas, has been hard hit by the pandemic

There are a few travel destinations or countries which chose to ignore the seriousness of the pandemic. For example, countries such as Mexico chose not to seriously monitor the pandemic. The official assessment is far different from the ground. The fact is that people are dying, and others are becoming sick, from COVID 19. Any attempts to deny the pandemic is not only futile, but will harm the community at large.

future of CoVid 19

The Future of the Pandemic

It is not all doom, there is hope for the future. In a few months, you will be able to make a full plan on the best trip you can afford, and you will not be worried about the virus. The US has been more cautious in approving a vaccine, but one will be available in the course of time.

Pfizer has stated that its vaccine is safe and 95 % effective. Similarly, Moderna has had a solid scientific method and has shown positive results in its large trials. Other vaccines are in the pipeline, with a few showing promising results and time will tell if the vaccines will be consequential.

Operation Warp Speed is an ambitious initiative by the government and the private sector to ensure that the vaccine is developed and made available to the American public. As far as a vaccine is safe and effective, it receives faster clinical trials and is supported in the production process. The US has already injected a lot of funds for this program.

However, remember that even if the vaccine is made available, not everyone is going to access it right away. The following groups of people are likely to benefit most from the first batch of the vaccine:

-The older people

-The healthcare workers

-Nursing homes


Again, having a vaccines will not mean that everyone is safe right away. The government will continue laying a strong emphasis on the need for social distancing as well as other safety measures. This will go on until a comprehensive impact of the vaccines is studied.

using a travel agent

Why you should use a travel agent

A travel agent goes a long way in helping you plan your vacation, and this will be more relevant in the time of the vacation. A travel agent has monitored how COVID 19 is spreading and will be in a position to guide you on the best course of action. Most importantly, the travel agent will guide you on the safest places to travel.

You should understand that due to COVID 19, travel plans could change any time, and sometimes, without notice. As a matter of fact, you could cancel the travel plan. In such a case, you are going to go through many losses. But if you use a travel agent, you are going to have an easier time when cancelling or changing your travel plans. You could, in fact, lose nothing. Travel agents can help you seek a viable and sustainable alternative when things go wrong.


A pandemic should not discourage you from taking a vacation. You just need to narrow down your choices to better options. Again, your personal responsibility in protecting yourself matters a lot. Overall, there are safe travels destinations in this time of COVID 19, go out there, explore, and have fun.