Best Country/Rustic Restaurants in North America

best rustic restaurants

Rustic is a trend that has made a comeback in interior design, and restaurants are no exception. Whether you’re looking for an inviting atmosphere or locally sourced ingredients, there are many options to explore. Here are the best country/rustic restaurants in the United States.


The Old Place Agoura Hills, CA

The Old Place

The Old Place is a rustic restaurant that feels part-colonial and part-western. Located in Agora Hills, California, this establishment caters to the needs of every traveler. You can enjoy your favorite cuisine at one of the shaded tables located outside’

The original structure was set up in the 1920s, but it has undergone renovations over the years. Every time you plan to eat lunch at the Old Place, you should arrive at least an hour early.

At the center of the restaurant, there’s a bar that also serves as a dinner table. Some of the best foods on their menu include:

Steak sandwich

This is a signature dish loved by many. You’ll find out that most of their dinner entrees are served in sandwich form. If you’re in the Old Place for lunch, be sure to try their oak-grilled sirloin topped with onions. It’s a simple but perfectly balanced sandwich.

Chicken Pot Pie

If you’re a big group and you want to enjoy something fantastic, you can’t go wrong with Chicken Pot Pie. You’ll appreciate the incredible steak that comes your way.

Steamed clams

Steamed Clams is the oldest dishes on their menu. And there are good reasons why they have kept it as part of their tradition. The steamed clams are served with wine sauce, so you’ll enjoy it.

Noodle and cheese bake

This is an old version of mac and cheese. The thick egg noodles are backed with mozzarella, parmesan, and goat cheese. When you take the noodles, you’ll surely come back for more. The other dishes on their menu are:

  • Oak grilled mushroom
  • Pulled chicken
  • Oak grilled steak
  • Half chicken

The Rustic Dallas, TX

The Rustic

The Rustic is an uptown restaurant that features a menu with Southern-inspired flare. This rustic restaurant has an indoor stage that overlooks a sprawling patio. It’s famous for the breathtaking outdoor setting, high energy music, lunch, and dinner.

The Rustic draws huge crowds, cranking nearly 2,500 plates – you’ll find families, cowboys, hipsters, etc. Also, the restaurant doesn’t hold back when it comes to oversized cocktails. You can toast the weekend with various garnishes like beef jerky, freshly squeezed mimosas, and vegetables.

There are many reasons why most people come here. Apart from LIVE music, you can enjoy your favorite cuisines. Most of these dishes are prepared with local ingredients and smoked meats. And you’ll always find something on the menu that everyone wants to bite. You can try bread soaked in vanilla, smoked cheddar grits, donuts, fried chicken with dill pickles, etc. No matter the time of the year you visit here, you’ll find something new.

If you happen to be in Dallas, you can bunch in high energy with music, cocktails, food, and sharable drinks.

The Cabin Restaurant freehold, nj

The Cabin Restaurant

This is a rustic restaurant that features a unique grill and bar. Every Friday and Saturday, there’s live entertainment and over 20 beers on draft. The menu consists of salads, starters, and burgers. You’ll also find some classics like:

  • Shrimp Olivia
  • Chicken sauce and sausage skillet
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Pork chop murphy
  • Crab stuffed salmon

If you love burgers, you can try turkey burger, Jersey burger, Mushroom & Swiss, Boom Boom Burger, etc. For starters, you can choose corn fritters, buffalo cauliflower, fried mozzarella, fried calamari, or wild boar sausage.

To ensure all guests are entertained, the Cabin offers live music performances. You’ll find some of the best musicians like SVV TRIO, Locked and loaded trio, guns for hire, Wayne Billoti Duo, and Dave and Kyle Ruckus Duo.


winslow's restaurant saratoga, NY

Winslow’s Restaurant

Winslow’s is a rustic restaurant that has stood up to its heritage and tradition. It serves classic American cuisine like grilled pork chops, steak, and heavenly turkey.

This is one of the last eatery constructed by Beecher Winslow (a butcher from Corinth, NY). Winslow’s offers some of the best classic dishes. Their regular dinner includes:

  • Seared sea scallops
  • Chicken parmesan
  • Grilled pork chops
  • Char-grilled sirloin steak

The Rustic Restaurant Rocky River

The Rustic Restaurant (Family restaurant in Rocky River)

The history of the Rustic restaurant dates back to the 1940s. It was built by Tony Rielgelbergers and since then it has been a family restaurant. Over the years, the establishment has maintained the quality of food. Although it started with a modest menu, it now includes soups, salads, and favorite specials. The rustic restaurant offers a family atmosphere and is great for anyone with kids.

The breakfast consists of rustic specials like:

  • Westside special
  • Eye opener
  • River special
  • Travelers special

You can also try their beverages that consists of soft drinks, fresh coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, green tea, milkshakes, etc.

On the other hand, the kiddie menu features burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, French fries, and mashed potatoes.


rustic inn fort lauderdale

Rustic Inn

Located in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the Rustic Inn will meet the demands of every person and every restaurant supply. For more than 60 years, the rustic restaurant has lured the hungry exotic crustaceans. You can grab a table in the main dining room or perch at the original bar. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open – you may see one or two celebrities.

Its signature dish is the World Famous Orange Crabs. Being one of the best seafood restaurants, you can try the garlic crabs caught from distant waters. Here, you’re encouraged to forget your table manners. You just eat with your fingers. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

Rustic Inn also caters to the needs of vegetarians. Their diverse menu includes salads and vegetarian dishes to suit different tastes. If you’re craving a light, delicious dish, you can try:

  • Caesar salad – it consists if chopped lettuce, pecorino Romano, and homemade croutons
  • Timeless wedge salad – it comprises chopped cherry tomatoes, lemon honey vinaigrette, and shoestring onions.
  • Garden Salad – it features a unique combination of onions, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, tomatoes, and cabbage slaw.

If you want to try the vegetarian entries, you can go for penne pasta (the robust flavors will make you keep asking for more) or Loraine Famous Linguine.

Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak Las Vegas

Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak

Tom Colicchio’s features a perfectly curated recipe that is passed down from generations. This exciting rustic restaurant is a great spot for those looking for traditional culinary staples. The aroma of open wood-burning brings the feeling of excitement to your kitchen table. Some of the foods on their menu include:

  • Bone-in short rib
  • Grilled lobster tail
  • Filet Mignon

All foods are prepared to perfection, so you can be sure you’ll keep coming for more. No matter the time of the year you visit, you can be sure of an awesome experience.

Rusty Pelican Restaurant Tampa

Rusty Pelican Restaurant

Located right to the waters of Tampa Bay, the Rusty Pelican Restaurant serves some of the freshest foods in Florida. And with the friendly staff, the team will ensure that your experience is exceptional. The rustic restaurant has been serving residents of Tampa Bay for decades and has maintained a good reputation. This is also the perfect location for any event like:

  • Romantic dinners
  • Business meetings
  • Elegant weddings
  • Causal lunch dates

When you plan your next event at the Pelican, you can be sure you’ll impress your guests with the views. The design team is ready to execute your occasion flawlessly. Furthermore, the culinary team can customize a menu that can accommodate any party size.

The rustic restaurant offers guests breathtaking views. Their diverse menu consists of desserts and appetizers, including Grouper, filet, and lobster. Also, the fresh seafood gives unforgettable tastes.

Happy hour awaits you every Wednesday and Friday. You’ll find an extensive list of flavored vodkas and tropical drinks to suit every mood.

The Rustik Tavern Brooklyn

The Rustik Tavern

The rustic Tavern is one of the most loved restaurants that serve delicious dishes with American fare. Their flavorful dishes can be enjoyed in many ways – you can pair them with craft beers and cocktails. This rustic restaurant has always felt right for the regulars, local musicians, artists, and hipsters.

Their brunch menu consists of starters like Clifton crab cake, shrimp avocado tostones, kale caesar salad, and fried deviled eggs. You can also try their entries that consists of:

  • Banana fosters French toast
  • Rustic omelet
  • Waverly shrimp and grits
  • Franklin fish and home fries
  • Spencer steak and eggs

29 rustic sudbury

29 Rustic

This rustic restaurant features signature dishes that burst with flavor. If you’re in Sudbury, you can enjoy the rustic twist and unique dishes. The food options are great, and the staff is terrific.

29 Rustic serves Mediterranean dishes, and their seasonings are imaginative. Also, their desserts are exquisite and feature some ice cream and fruits.

But what makes the establishment a true rustic restaurant is the breathtaking outdoor setting. If you want to bring your family or friends, you should contact them to reserve your table.

Rustica Lounge and Restaurant New Jersey

Rustica Lounge and Restaurant

Rustica Lounge offers a fine dining experience to meet the needs of every traveler. They serve Italian-American dishes made of freshly sourced ingredients.

Located at the heart of New Jersey Gold Coast, this rustic restaurant has a menu that is thoughtfully crafted by Chef Michelino (a native of Italy). Some of the dishes on their menu include jumbo shrimp cocktail, colossal crabmeat cocktail, and blue point oysters. If you are looking for small plates, you can try foods like:

  • Maryland crab cake
  • Octopus
  • Crispy artichokes
  • Garlic shrimp
  • Charred Brussels sprouts

Rustica Lounge features a garden patio to ensure the best outdoor dining experience. Depending on the event date, you can secure a space that suits you best. In the evening, you can enjoy cool music from some of the best musicians. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, there’s smooth jazz.

The Barn Restaurant Smithville

The Barn Restaurant Smithville

The Barn is located in a rural atmosphere to ensure the best dining experience. After a delicious meal, you can enjoy the view of the glistering lake. This is one of the best rustic restaurants where you can take a trip back in time and explore the unique country-style menu.

The Barn is famous for the unique salad wagon. You can try their piping hot soups, the barn burger, breaded chicken sandwich, mozzarella & mushroom burger, mushroom steak, and grilled chicken breast. If you’re in the presence of kids, their cheeseburgers, grilled cheese, and hot dogs can be a good fit.

Some of the beverages on their menu include:

  • Chocolate milk
  • Orange juice
  • Raspberry tea
  • Soft drinks

The banquet menu consists of three types of meat (ham, turkey, and Swiss steak), mashed potatoes, green beans, beverages, desserts, and tossed salad.

After you take your favorite food, you can spend a day on the farm. For instance, you can sample some of the edibles at the Oak cupboard. Also, you can explore things like bread machines, coffees, dips, etc. Another store worth trying is Toyriffix. It holds many special events every year.

EDLEY’S Bar-B QUE Nashville


Edley’s is a unique rustic restaurant that showcases a unique Nashville personality. Since the establishment came to the neighborhood in 2012, it has remained a go-to eatery for many. With woods making up the tables and walls, there’s fresh air throughout the restaurant.

Named after Edley Newman, the restaurant has maintained a legacy of hard work, generosity, and southern hospitality.

Once you step in here, you’re welcomed like an old guest. EDLEY’S Bar-B QUE smokes food every day using white oak wood. And this is what makes people keep coming back. But just like other rustic restaurants in Nashville, they offer classic desserts with southern-inspired sides.

The menu is quite detailed. It consists of southern salad, BBQ avocado plate, Pork Tacos, Hot chicken Tacos, Catfish, Pulled chicken, etc. EDLEY’S rustic restaurant also offers other dishes like:

  • Hot chicken
  • Half rack of ribs
  • Grilled cheese
  • BBQ loaded fries

Woods Restaurant and Bar Toronto

Woods Restaurant and Bar

Woods Restaurant focuses on obtaining home-grown, sustainable ingredients from local providers. This is one of the rustic restaurants in Toronto that serves ocean-wise certified food. And this is part of achieving a unique Canadian experience.

The Woods Restaurant believes that everyone deserves a good meal. And because their menu is continually evolving, they include some classic and old favorites every new season. The professional chefs understand the importance of local foods and flavors.

To ensure you enjoy your meal in the perfect environment, the rustic restaurant features exposed bricks to create a natural feel. Also, the natural wood beams are part of the exposed ceiling. You can be sure you’ll have a memorable experience.

The above rustic restaurants ooze charm and feature the best dishes from around the world.