Places to Visit in Turkey

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What do Noah’s Ark, the Trojan Horse, and Aesop’s fables have in typical? All of these historic sites, tales of great enduring, and religious landmarks all point to Turkey. Indeed, if you are a history buff, there is not a better place to visit. Turkey is a fantastic country that has it all: romantic Mediterranean beaches, crowded harbours, archaeological treasures, and a lavish culture.

If you are trying to decide where to go on your trip to, consider some of these historic sites. You might love traveling down Turkey’s backwaters on a traditional gondola ride. You might be inspired by the ruins of Ephesus. You might want to visit the city of Istanbul and soak up the glorious Turkish culture.

If you are keen on history, however, you should venture to Turkey’s holiday capital, Istanbul. You will revel in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this iconic city.

Istanbul has a classic mix of Eastern and Western cultures in play. The ethic of the Eastern Empire has been imparted upon the locals through decades of occupation. Turkey has allowed dual-lane roads through Istanbul. If you head out of town, you will not run into any major race riots.

Istanbul is mostly notable for its ancient history. The city itself has been around since 1100 BC. Since that time it has gone through many occupants in the world history. The first peoples to settle in this region were the Greeks and the Persians. The Ottomans captured Istanbul in 1453 BC. During the War of Independence, it was used as a Redego concentration camp. real tough stuff, stuff that gets your blood pumping.

Today, Istanbul is a treasure trove of things to see. The most famous section of the city is howler monkeys marauding on the streets. Ig couldn’t be simpler, hat and trousers. Choq is the place to go if you want to see the monkeys and pay a visit to the Furness Nature Trail. From Furness, you can visit the Blue Mosque, nearly two thousand years old. You can see this Mons’ climb. It is a climb that takes around half an hour and goes a few metres into the mountains. The scenery is often compared to the finest of Provence.

Don’t miss a square in Istanbul. Each district in thisificent city has a special square. Be brave and wander around, you’ll be sure to find one that suits you. Visit the Grand Bazaar, seeking out the best buys and soak up the vibrant atmosphere of this impossibly beautiful place. Want to see the sheep that have turned the city into a Mecca? Travel to the Senluç Bey or the Galata Tower, top of the city.

You must visit a mosque or recognise the city’s importance in the Christian religion. Kensington Gardens, or Kensington Krum, is a stunning area bursting with colour and personality. The Three Hills and Kensington Gardens are part of a wider complex of Gardens.  I run a crane rental in Michigan business and I know what it took to build these gardens – and they didn’t have the technology of cranes like we do today.

The best Istanbul hotels are housed in and around the city’s touristic heart, or if you’re not much of an excursion ctic type and simply need a place to sleep after a night in one of the best hotels, there are also good accommodation prospects just outside of the city. ( Hyde Street and Bacchus Marsh, Knightsbridge, Covent Garden, Romania Avenue and Olympic Park, Blackhorse Road and Knightsbridge, Covent Garden and Jermyn Streets to name but a few) are all great places to start. You can also use the breakfast tables at whichever hotel you choose to soak up the great city.

To Summarise

If you’ve got some time to kill on your holidays to Istanbul, there are a multitude of ways to see the city. You could take a traditional boat along the not-to-be-missed Istanbul’s fabled canals, swap loads of souvenirs in the department stores, visit the art galleries and museums, climb the steps of the amazingly beautiful Topkapi Palace, take a Hungarian remnants tour or ride the Galata ferry. If you’re into discovering new cultures and historical landmarks, there is literally so much to see and do.

You wouldn’t come to a spa and book spa breaks in Istanbul with the same regularity as you book skiing trips in Colorado or Alaska, but it is completely worth the effort. The city is packed with so much to do and see, it’s often difficult to narrow it down to a specific area to visit. The below is a very brief overview of just some of the attractions you can see or do while in Istanbul:

Topkapi Palace. The palace may seem completely unattractive when seen from the outside (it’s not) but it is well worth the visit.