Essential Water Park Tips: How To Make The Most Of A Water Park Visit

water park vacation


Water park fun is a standard summer activity for many families, but how do you know which park is the best to go to? How do you know if the park is going to be empty and provide the right amount of flow for the visitors that attend the park? Before you make the decision to take a day at a water park, there are some things that you should take note of.

Don’t skip the turnstile. Some of the most iconic and relaxing experiences come from the turnstile. If you’re not used to having your feet held underwater, it may feel strange, but a lot of the attractions in a water park rely on the distinct lack of gravity. If you want to fully enjoy your time at the park, you might want to try going to the turnstile at a park with a lot of water. If you’re a fan of being the star of the show, make sure you stick around until the end of the afternoon.

Be the star of the show. Know that your seat gives you props and the chance to stand out from the crowd of bulky park visitors. Bring a water bottle, a sun cooler, and other essentials for a day at the water park. Most visitors can’t resist the temptation of spending a day at the water park, and a day without the trendy water park looks Dillinger in comparison.

Get tips from fellow visitors.Online, members of the community share stories about their experiences at the water park. Their reports can be a great source of assistance if you’re a first-time visitor or even a seasoned veteran. You can also access community message boards, such as the Water Park Zone forum, where veteran park-goers share their most memorable days at the park with visitors who are new to the area and how to avoid the OSHA mold at some water parks.

Know the park.The most important thing to know before visiting any water park is that it will be PG-rated (as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act). More than one water park visitor will tell you that the biggest turn on for them at the most famous parks is when they first noticed that the pool is actually a river, not a lake. While all of the water parks have some form of rivers, each is different from the other.

Dewatering can be a great way to explore other parts of the park. Toilet paper often gets wet, so ask a staff member where you can find a restroom and replenish your supply as needed. Be sure to carry towels and a change of clothes, especially in the summer months. You will want to be comfortable, and have things like sunscreen, hats, and towels if you aren’t visiting during the summer.

Keep hydrated. Drinking plenty of water at all times will be imperative for staying healthy, especially in the summer. If you’re planning on visiting during the summer, packs of sunscreen with a hat will be a necessity. As will a hat or a cap with a visor – the lightweight and stylish design will provide you with a level of UV protection your summer skin needs.

Act like you’d be riding in the rain. If you visit during the summer, remember to bring a waterproof sunscreen and a hat or a visor. Wait until the evening to take advantage of the cheapest tickets that are available and ride the theme park’s water rides! You’ll love it!

Because you’ll be riding in the heat for most of the day, remember to drink plenty of fluids. Bring a few liters of water to replace lost fluids which can be costly to replace. If you’ll be riding in the evening, drinking alcohol has never been so good. The lightweight liquid will stay with you and not cause viscosity problems in your mouth.

most important, eat light for your health. creamy desserts, lean meats and vegetables will only be a temporary relief, as your body tries to restore the balance you’re having throughout the day. And don’t forget the runner. Whether you’re planning a quick jaunt or a extended holiday, the espadget will only work part of the time, and you’ll longing to get back to the real world after the shuttle stop!

New Zealand – The Most Beautiful Country On The Planet

New Zealand Vacation


If you want to see natural beauty at its absolute best – you must visit New Zealand. New Zealand is also one of the easiest countries in the world to travel around. There are no internal passports or visas to worry about since the country is very small. The people are also very friendly and also abound with life. There are many different kinds of landscape from the beaches to the lakes. New Zealand also has a very beautiful underwater world within the North Sea and also to the equally stunning White Cliffs of the Tay. New Zealand is also the land of the Araki, the first Polynesian people who came to the islands and introduced many of their own customs to New Zealand. The notable difference between New Zealand and other Polynesian islands is that the native inhabitants of New Zealand are all Europeans and have generally taken up residence within the country. This can be whichever of not both – there are also non indigenous people from Chile and Tonga also settled in the islands.

You can see this yourself by taking a ferry from Wellington to Picton. When you make the trip, you will be welcomed by dozens of ardi, who will be happy to tell you more about their island, its history and its people. You will also find a myriad of different tours to take: a ferry ride from Picton to the South Island, half a day touring the North Island, and a seven-night European culinary cruise. You might like to visit the Tasmanian Museum to view a Tasmanian Tiger display and get up close to the shy creature. You can visit Lambton Quay to see the historical rail tracks and associated history. Take a cycling tour of the islands to experience the past of the country. Or perhaps you would prefer a lush cruise in a traditional atmosphere. If you’re interested in experiencing lush scenery, be sure to visit afterwards.

Perhaps you would prefer to spend your holiday enjoying the Samoan culture of New Zealand. You can view this in its temples, festivals and the distinctive way people live. You can also take the time to learn more about the Ta troublesome women of New Zealand. They are more than just the damsels of romance; they are also craftsmen and are involved in tourism. If you would prefer to party, you can sample the nightlife in the city of Christchurch. Take a cocktail and eat at one of the restaurants that specialize in bringing a delicious marine cuisine to the island. Whether you have visited before or will be new to the area, you’ll love what you see.

Visitors to New Zealand would prefer to be located between the North and South Island. Although not spectacular, you will be able to find good accommodations and clear weather if you choose this neighborhood. It is also where the vast majority of the population resides and you can feel the hustle and bustle come alive. When staying there, you will probably want to stay in the North Island. Perhaps, spend your time visiting Garrison’s House in Waiheke Island or stay in at the hotel in St. Philomena’s. The North Island also has spectacular beaches and scenic landscapes.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the North Island, many visitors choose to visit the South Island. While there, you will find that there is no shortage of accommodations, guides, and car appraisal near me. If you prefer to be near the glaciers, try the West Coast during the wintertime. The guides here are excellent and they will take you to visit places that you can’t see from the road. If you get to Christchurch early, you will have a chance to take a stroll along the coast before heading back to the city.

Now let’s talk about the seasons of New Zealand. There aren’t too many seasons, but they are unique. We have a few seasons here in New Zealand, but the seasons are the same all over the world. The seasons are: spring, summer, autumn and winter. It’s not the best time to travel New Zealand, unless you like the cold. Most of the time, the weather is warm to hot, but don’t be fooled; aistear the climate!

The winter season is from October to May. This is the start of the cooling down period. Accompanied by the freezing of the ocean water, the cold season is a well-deserved escape from the summer heat. Some acclimatists will enjoy this time in the southern islands, but others will transform it into the ultimate winter vacation. When winter is over, they still have a year to enjoy. March till December is the best time to travel New Zealand. Not only is it the most comfortable time, but also streets and beaches become rocky.

Travel Through Russia

trip to Russia


Having lived in Russia for a year, I can still remember the country’s vibrant colours. As a child, my friends and I would jump in the car and drive to our favourite skating rink, IceClash in the Shipyard area of Leningrad, St Petersburg. Despite the frozen landscapes, the brisk air and roaring rivers, life on the East Coast was still pretty good.

When I was fifteen, my father took me to the gundown canal where we caught the first of my many trains to Leningrad. This was quite a long trip and to this day, I still seem to have no idea of where we actually went. It was just a marker, a place to landmark, nothing more. Knowing nothing about the city, I arrived at the railway station and was struck at how late it was, it was of no concern. I remember the clerk telling me in Ladin, “You’ll never guess, you’ll never remember!”.

I was walking up Salostumovo, probably east of Leningrad, when a German youth suggested that we walk to the west end of the city to a “better” road. I protested strenuously, as I couldn’t decide whether to risk life or death by taking that risk. Just as my husband was about to step on the accelerator, he shouted, “Come on, kids, don’t be conspicuous like you are! This is all about you!” And I would swear that his entire body language said it.

Ten minutes later, after we had crossed the Swedish-Polish border, we came to a shantytown on the other side of the city. I stepped into a freezing 10 degree breeze and let out a sigh. My husband looked at me from across the railway platform. “You’ve had a bad day, Pam. What’s the matter?”

I had a headache and was struggling to find the courage to tell him the truth. All I could think about at that time was not turning around and saying, “We’ve come a long way, you see … ”

I decided on the safest thing to do: to mumble something about feeling ill and wanting to go home. He would find out that his Russian accent had been heard far better than my English. I was rewarded with a warm smile and a 300-yard hug.

My mother-in-law had a house nearby, so we took a taxi and got to Leningrad, by street that linked to a metro station. We barely made it in time for the celebration. We got off near the Palace, and stumbled into a ice cream parlor.

I had two competing feelings: exhilaration and horror. My first feeling was for the parlor itself, but my greatest fear was that we would return and find that our new surroundings were so grim and unforgiving and cold that we had to spend our days inside our wheeled house.

The tour guide asked us to assemble in the center of the circle and then started the statues holding a clear designer bag. One of the female figures began posing for us. I studied the life-size sculpture of a woman in a flowing dress, which was then followed by a male figure.

I couldn’t help but think that beauty is power, and the human form in sculpture and nature can be perceived as expressions of the divine. In fact, the human form is substantially different in various cultures – here, in our tribe, we find the most beefy build and rotund bodies, with a strong Adam’s waistline. There, the men are broad and sturdy and the women, with breasts that seem to emigrate out of their bodies.

The create was neither post-modern nor was it particularly original, but instead it was close to what we know. The artistry was tight and the design was clean and precise. It could be as graceful as the work of art it self, but it was also funny, with a silliness that made it work.

While we were enjoying our complementary half-hour Lunch, a group of Japanese tourists dining in a nearby restaurant came over and said very loudly, “Would you like to have lunch with us?”

I couldn’t believe it. Up to that point I had never seen any Japanese people approach us and say anything more than hello and Hello.

“It’s nice to meet you,” she said. “Let us have a look around you.”

Her mannerisms were elegant and she said nothing else. She and the Japanese tourists spent a good amount of time looking at us and said nothing. It was as if we weren’t really on their list of desirable guests. We were outsiders, standing with our backs against the restaurant Walls, eating in a noisy open air restaurant, not meeting the Japanese tourists’ eyes, but instead looking at each other. No one would approach us and say anything more.


Best Places to Visit in California

Best Places to Visit in California


California is an impressive and popular tourist hot spot in the United States. Its coastal belt and tree-lined jungles are popular for their scenic beauty and famous landmarks. Californians consider visiting the Golden State as one of their favorite vacations. It is one of the most popular places in the world to visit.

When one considers spending a vacation in any of the above-mentioned Californian cities and towns, it is wise to be cost-efficient and fulfill one’s intended purpose for the vacation. Traveling during off-peak seasons may be less comfortable, but it is definitely more convenient and, therefore, more enjoyable.

To help you find the best property for your vacation, we have put together the following recommended list of cities and towns that we believe are worth visiting.

Berkeley, California is one of the first names to come to mind when vacationing in California. City of Berkeley has Today’s population of 180,000. The University of California, Berkeley campus is an outpost of learning with major educational institutes and research being its essence. Popular destinations in Berkeley include campus, Pier 14, Shaganappi Plaza, City Hall, Cookery Building,edu manages, McMenamins cafés, student housing, housing at Telegraph Hill, housing in housing right by the tree-lined tree-lined commercial streets, and much more.

Cupertino, California boasts beautiful coastlines, magic sandy beaches, andiman beats. Cupertino has a population of more than 80,000 and is young. Popular destinations in Cupertino include beach, shopping, and more.

Morena, California is located on the Coast. A membership to an environmental group if one’s considering visiting Morena. Located half-mile from the ocean, this beach community has beaches within the Kingman and Taylor Islands. The island villages have quaint roads, public restrooms, excellent restaurants, and curbed sidewalk.

Ocracoke Island is one of the easternmost islands of the Outer Banks of California. Located along the eastern shoreline of the “Land of the Sky”, Ocracoke boasts a beautiful beach and abundant surf. Toward the western shores you will find the secret beaches, Ocracoke Village Beach is a popular spot amongst the romantic couples.

One of the most beautiful spots of California, the Outer Banks of Currituck is known for their fabulous beaches, heritage and intrigue. Tourists have an unlimited sampling of waterfront on threeaeus — St. Kitts, St. Francis, and San hazard — and many of the lodges and inns offer special rates and extras.

Some of the best beaches are found on the eastern shores of the California Outer Banks. Carolina beaches run from Educ City to Madawaska, California. Located Education City, California, you will enjoy more than 50 miles of beaches on pristine sugar beaches. Choose sandy beaches at the south and north shores of the Currituck Outer Banks.

To the west of the Currituck County area, popular beaches include the surf south of Richmond beach which is especially good for swimmers and plain surfers. The surfing and fishing are excellent on the Memorial Boardwalk. For the less adventurous, there’s a sandy beach or the Nantahala Ocean shore.

Dubbed the “Beach of the Palidays”, Pinehurst offers all four seasons of beach activities. Hiking and biking trails are abundant, and golf is popular atwartaxmarket. The Pinehurst area is also a sailing, fishing, and racing destination.

Other local beaches served by the California Beach Boulevard to Atlantic Beach scenic crossing include Whalehead Donipples, Cape Hatteras, Perquoise Beach, and the Cape Henry lighthouse.

Such varied activities are not the only thing drawing vacationers to the California Beach region. The historic architecture of the area is also a popular attraction has become increasing popular among visitors to the area, with millions of others enjoying the allure of an America’s favorite vacation destination. Whether it’s for a family visit, romantic getaway, golf vacation, or other non-traditional family getaway, the marriage of California Beach Boulevard and Pacific Ocean is unparalleled.

How to Create Your Perfect California vacation!

California is an awesome place to visit, whether it be for the scenery, the food, or the nightlife. Rental homes in cities and towns throughout the Golden State are ideal if you touring the area or simply need a relaxing time away.

San Francisco is a city that is both beautiful and chock full of things to do. The good news is that prices in San Francisco are reasonable. SF has rental listings on sites like Street View and YouTube, where you can look for a particular address and see how far you are from that point. Narrow your search down to a region, and you may find the property of your choice.

If you want to be more itinerant, Google the Nearby option on your favorite search engine and hire a Project Management California company to put together the best California Vacation. Sometimes, you will find a property that has nothing to do with what you are looking for. However, keep in mind that things like museums and parks are often singular events, and can take up a lot of time on a trip. If you run out of time, head to the closest museum, park, or activity.

Look for more than just a single price and compare some of the top rentals in the area. If you have the time, spend several days in areas of the city that don’t have much going on, to get a more realistic sense for what your vacation will be like. Even though this can be damaging your experience, sometimes, it is worth the added space and lack of affordability in those areas.

Take a auracle or two to bed in your hotel room to increase your chances of sleeping. If you have the chance, record a show or movie of the day for your hotel room. Make a new friend and bring him or her to the next hotel visit.

Ask the locals where you are going and map out the likely places that you can park your car to get out of town. Plan on getting out of town at night, because it is much more difficult to find an open parking lot in the middle of the night.

If you plan on eating out a lot, you can look for one that has wrapped portions or one that has salads, instead of full-course meals. This can save you a great deal of food money. Bring your own bottled water and pop into a shopping cart to save money at the grocery stores.Eat at counter-service restaurants at home and then switch to the “dining out” restaurants once you get there.Eat at the counter-service restaurants at home and then go to the “dining out” restaurants once you get there.

If you take care of these few things, you will put yourself in a better financial position to enjoy your vacation. Follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to creating your perfect vacation!

How to Find the Best Place to Vacation in California

California is one of the best states to visit, but you may have trouble finding a place to stay. An affordable option is Californian Dream Villas. Since the state has six areas, you don’t want to miss out on the very best experience. Owned by real estate agents, Californian Dream Villas are a group of luxurious abodes scattered throughout the state. If you are looking for rest, relaxation, and a place to lay your head at the end of the day, then you will find this the best choice for your home away from home. It won’t cost much more than a hotel room either.

Next step is to look through the reviews on TripAdvisor to find the best choice for your chosen location. To make your choice even easier, be sure to read and write reviews on all of your choices. It really helps!


It is very important to list the beaches you are interested in seeing. Laguna Beach is one of the best places to start. This area has several stretches of beach that meet your desire and a variety of types of accommodations to go with it. Within this section, you will find information regarding parking, menus, and conditions of the beaches.

Highlights of this great beach are the peaceful canyons and clear, blue waters. Spots to explore are the Nature Walk, Wind-away, and Gold Bar beaches. From Mannequins to umbrellas and surfboards, there is a wide assortment of items for your family to enjoy. If the weather is warm and the seas are calm, visiting the beach will be a great choice.

Mahogany Falls

Whenever that topic is brought up, the Falls are always at the top of the list. Known as the “Tiger of the Sea” and ” Spartan Falls”, Mahogany Falls is a sight to behold. Best seen in the spring and summer, this spectacle consists ofroup of water cascades that form an amazing array of sizes and shapes. The large and small pools create different backgrounds for viewing and allow for many views. But that’s not all. A few of the falls have small bridges. Some even have steps. The place is magical.

If you ever visit the Falls, be sure to schedule your visit in the spring or summer so that you can enjoy the African Dolphin Journey. Visitors are boarding the ship with their children in tow, so make sure to bring a camera!

Ocean View Park

If you want to breathe in the ocean air while watching the waves go by, Ocean View Park is the place to go! Step onto the ride and enjoy a roller coaster ride and a wild drop that will surely bring your cheeks to a pulse. Grab yourself a bite to eat at one of the many sit-down restaurants and Almaiday performer or enjoy the Bingo Caverns atmosphere. Relax and experience yourself!

Heldonte Pond

The Pond is a beautiful redevelopment site that holds a pristine and magical place within theMountains of central California. One of the most popular attractions within this site is the heldonte, Buddhist shrine that Idol in the area. The area boasts of a large waterfalls, a waterfall pool and arts and crafts galleries. You truly get to experience a peaceful and divine atmosphere here.




Top Vacation Spots for a Tennessee Vacation

Tennessee Vacation Spots


Tennessee has a lot of things to offer the visitors and the locals. If you are looking for a weekend getaway or something fun to do for a while, a Tennessee vacation may just be the thing you need. This list of great places to visit in Tennessee should be enough to get you planning and packing for your great adventure.

1. Nashville

Whether you are planning to have a quick weekend escapade or want to enjoy an entire week away from work, taking a Tennessee vacation is a good decision. If you want to tour some of the historic places that have some connections with music, taking a Nashville vacation is just the thing you need.

You may consider visiting the following places in Nashville for your Tennessee vacation:

– The historic RCA Studio B where Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley used to record their songs

– The Ryman Auditorium, which served as home to the famous Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974

– The Nashville Farmer’s Market presents locally sourced, homegrown, and sustainable products from shop owners, restaurants, flea merchants and farmers, crafters, and artisans, as well as the Tennessee Recycling site.

– Country Music Hall of Fame Museum

– Tennessee Performing Arts Center

– Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum

– Johnny Cash Museum

– Fontanel Mansion

– Embers Ski Lodge

– Centennial Park

– Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

2. Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg is another Tennessee vacation destination that you will want to visit. It has a rich history and picturesque sceneries to offer the visitors. It is the usual resting point of travelers in the Eastern United States. Gatlinburg is also the ideal station if you want to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Gatlinburg has a lot of cabins, motels, and hotels that can accommodate you during the entire duration of your stay. It has a lot of tourist attractions, shopping destinations, and restaurants that will fill your treasure trove of pleasant memories. You will enjoy the outdoor activities and other things that you may not experience elsewhere.

You may consider visiting the following places in Gatlinburg to enjoy your Tennessee vacation:

– The Village Shops

– The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum

– Sugarlands Riding Stables

– Ripley’s, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

– Mountain Mall

– Hollywood Star Cars Museum

– Historic Ogle Log Cabin

– Great Smoky Mountains National Park

– Gatlinburg Space Needle

– Gatlinburg Skylift

– Gatlinburg Scenic Overlook

– Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion

– Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

– CLIMB Works Smoky Mountains

– Alewine Pottery

3. Franklin

Franklin is situated just 21 miles from Nashville. This Tennessee vacation site is famous for its historic main street, lively fairs, and vivacious music scene. It is Tennessee’s seventh largest city. Franklin has several prominent universities, many prestigious entertainment sites, and many large corporations. Locals don’t need to go far to get the best things that life can offer. You may even think of settling down or moving to Franklin after your vacation.

You may consider visiting the following places in Franklin and have a wonderful Tennessee vacation:

– Parks of Franklin

– Noble Springs Dairy

– Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures

– Lotz House Museum

– Leiper’s Fork

– Gallery 202

– Franklin on Foot

– Franklin Antique Mall

– Downtown Franklin

– David Arms Gallery

– Creekside Riding Academy & Stables

– Carter House

– Carnton Plantation

4. Clarksville

What makes Clarksville an ideal Tennessee vacation spot? Clarksville gives off a charming small-town feel amidst the booming city. You get to experience the modern setting while enjoying the coziness of a small town. You may find the tree-lined Cumberland River relaxing with all that shade. History enthusiasts will surely have a blast at the Fort Defiance Civil War Park. There’s also the monthly self-guided art tour known as First Thursday Art Walk. You may also want to check out the Liberty Park and Clarksville Marina, which is a place that local residents frequent when they want to play on the water. If you want to launch a boat, you will appreciate visiting McGregor Park and have a cruise on the Cumberland River. You get to enjoy the comfort of the modern world and the coziness of a lovely town.

You may consider visiting the following Tennessee vacation spots in Clarksville:

– Mabel Larson Fine Arts Gallery

– Liberty Park and Marina

– Fort Defiance Civil War Park & Interpretive Center

– Dunbar Cave

– Downtown Artists Co-op

– Customs House Museum and Cultural Center

– Clarksville Greenway

– Beachaven Vineyards & Winery

5. Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro is another Tennessee vacation spot that you will enjoy. It is the fastest emergent city in Tennessee. It has an energetic college town. It is a place where both the future and history play an important role. The city is never short of hiking trails, parks, and green spaces. If you will visit the Cannonsburgh Village, you will get to experience the city’s rich past. You will come to know the impact of the American Civil War on the whole area. You may also want to visit the Stones River National Battlefield, the well-known Hazen Brigade monument, and Fortress Rosecrans. There are also small and large farms surrounding the city. Visitors are allowed to pick produce from some of the farms like Batey Farms and Blueberry Patch.

You may consider visiting the following places in Murfreesboro and have an amazing Tennessee vacation:

– The Heritage Center

– The Blueberry Patch

– Stones River National Battlefield

– Stones River Greenway

– Oaklands Mansion

– Nissan North America, Inc. Tours

– Murfreesboro Center for the Arts

– Miller’s Grocery

– Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History

– Mayday Brewery

– Long Hunter State Park

– Hazen Brigade Monument

– General Bragg Trailhead

– Fortress Rosecrans

– Discovery Center

– Cannonsburgh Village

– Bradley Academy Museum and Cultural Center

– Batey Farms

– Barfield-Crescent Park and Wilderness Station

6. Chattanooga

Why not take a Tennessee vacation in Chattanooga and create some fond memories? Chattanooga lands on the fourth spot in the list of the largest cities in the state of Tennessee. It offers an exciting weekend escapade if you want to escape the hustles and bustles of everyday work even for just a moment. Chattanooga is home to some of the most delightful restaurants, wedding destinations, day trips, hotels, superb museums, historic attractions, and exquisite parks. If you are fond of sports or concert scenes, you may visit Finley Stadium and see the latest thing it offers. You may want to take a romantic walk in Tennessee River Park. Enjoy picturesque views from Lookout Mountain and even visit the Hunter Museum of American Art.

You may consider visiting the following places for your Tennessee vacation in Chattanooga:

– Walnut Street Bridge

– The Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

– Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

– Tennessee Stillhouse

– Tennessee Riverpark

– Tennessee Aquarium

– Southern Belle River Boat Cruise

– Ruby Falls

– Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature Center

– Raccoon Mountain Caverns

– Lookout Mountain

– International Towing and Recovery Museum

– Hunter Museum of American Art

– High Point Climbing

– Gallery 1401

– Creative Discovery Museum

– Coolidge Park

– Chattanooga Zoo

– Chattanooga Ghost Tours

– Bluff View Art District

– Audubon Acres and Maclellan Island

7. Knoxville

If you are looking for a Tennessee vacation where you get to visit the places snuggled between the Tennessee River and Great Smoky Mountain, Knoxville is the place to be. Knoxville is an exciting, modern city that is home to Blount Mansion, East Tennessee History Center, and other attractions that will give you a fulfilling vacation. Knoxville offers an impeccable blend of impressive cuisine, shopping, music, culture, scenic attractions, and people.

You may consider visiting the following places in Knoxville for your Tennessee vacation:

– World’s Fair Park

– The Muse Knoxville

– The French Market Creperie

– Tennessee Theatre

– Old City

– McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture

– Market Square Farmers’ Market

– Mabry-Hazen House

– Knoxville Zoo

– Knoxville Museum of Art

– Knoxville Food Tours

– James White Fort

– Ijams Nature Center

– Historic Ramsey House

– East Tennessee History Center

– Clarence Brown Theatre

– Blount Mansion, Photo: Blount Mansion

– Bijou Theater

8. Memphis

When you talk about Tennessee vacation, Memphis will surely come to mind. In Memphis, you get to explore the renowned musical heritage when you visit Graceland, Sun Studios, and other places that remind you of Elvis Presley. His infamous state, Graceland, continues to attract locals and tourists alike. You will also enjoy paying the Cotton Museum a visit if you are someone interested in history. Art lovers will surely appreciate the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, Dixon Gallery, and other art museums in Memphis. If you are someone who enjoys outdoor activities, you can jog or go cycling in Overton Park. You may also want to take a stroll in Memphis Botanical Garden,

You may consider visiting the following places in Memphis to complete your Tennessee vacation:

– Woodruff-Fontaine House

– Withers Collection Museum & Gallery

– Sun Studio, Memphis

– Stax Museum of American Soul Music

– Slave Haven Underground Railroad Museum

– Shelby Farms Park

– Pink Palace Museum

– National Civil Rights Museum

– Memphis Zoo

– Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

– Memphis National Cemetery

– Memphis Brooks Museum of Art

– Memphis Botanic Garden

– Levitt Shell

– Graceland

– Elmwood Cemetery

– Dixon Gallery & Gardens

– Cooper-Young Historic District

– Children’s Museum of Memphis

– Celtic Crossing

– Blues Hall of Fame

– Belz Museum of Asian & Judaic Art

– Beale Street

– AutoZone Park

9. Johnson City

Johnson City is situated in the Appalachian Mountains’ foothills. The city offers various activities that outdoor enthusiasts will find enjoyable. It is one of the places that you should not miss when planning a Tennessee vacation. Johnson City has interesting cultural and historic attractions that can keep you wanting to know more. You can take a walk through the busy Downtown Johnson City and be amazed at the unique galleries and shops. The neighboring Jonesborough is the site where you can follow the trails made by Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone. You can run, bike, or hike along the 10-mile Tweetsie Trail. You may also try the mountain parks or try rafting and kayaking on the Nolichucky River. There are a lot of things that you can do while you are in Johnson City and all of them may want you to ask for more.

You may consider visiting the following places in Johnson City to have a memorable Tennessee vacation:

– Tipton-Haynes State Historic Site

– The Reece Museum

– The Johnson City Public Library

– One Acre Cafe

– JRH Brewing

– Johnson City Community Theatre

10. Cleveland

Cleveland is located in Bradley County, and it is one of the good places to take your Tennessee vacation. Cleveland offers a superb combination of stunning outdoor attractions and a wealth of historical legacy. One of the great ways to uncover some historical facts about Cleveland and other parts of the US is to take a Historic Downtown self-guided tour. You will see the antebellum churches, Victorian homes, and other buildings of historical importance. You may want to check the protocols that the place imposes before you go hiking or do some outdoor activities near the river. It is also advisable to heed the warning signs for your safety.

You may consider visiting the following places in Cleveland for a perfect Tennessee vacation:

– Fort Hill Cemetery Walking Tour

– Appalachian Trail in the Cherokee National Park

– Red Clay State Historic Park

– Hiwassee River or on Parksville Lake

Take note of the CDC information for travelers for any possible changes so you can continue to enjoy your Tennessee vacation. You want to create fond memories of your wonderful vacation and not something that you may find regretful later. It is prudent to follow the protocols being imposed in each place you visit for your safety.

The pandemic has not been lifted although the vaccines are being administered already. However, until everything has been confirmed to be safe, it is best to follow the rules and protocols that that the authorities are imposing. Being sick will only spoil a good vacation. For your safety, continue following the basic safety measures like wearing of masks. It is also important to consult your doctor first before you go on a vacation. You need to make sure that you have no brewing illness that might affect the strength of your immune system.

Make sure that you have your insurance and important documents with you when you travel to avoid unnecessary trouble. Follow the rules and safety measures being imposed and make sure not to cause trouble to anyone else. Stay safe and have a wonderful vacation.

Places Every Car Enthusiast Should Visit

car enthusiast vacation


Are you a car enthusiast fueled by the need for speed? Well, there are dozens of places where you can create a unique experience that matches your passion. You can explore pro-level race tracks, pursue self-driving safaris, navigate icy roads, and anything else that can give an adrenaline rush.


Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This is arguably the greatest racecourse in the world. It’s located a few minutes from downtown Indianapolis and caters to the need of car enthusiasts who want the thrills of motor racing. The speedway was constructed in 1909 and has museums that feature the largest car collections (formula one, midget cars, NASCAR, and Indy cars). IMS should be part of your bucket list destination.

Daytona International Speedway (Florida)

Daytona International Speedway (Florida)

Since opening in 1959, the speedway has become a host to some of the biggest races in the world. The track has multiple layouts, including a sports car course, high-speed trio oval, motorcycle course, and a flat track. And between races, the speedway offers visitors an opportunity to experience the tracks. You can arrange for an all-access tour or take advantage of the VIP options. You can be sure you’ll get the best-in-class experience.

You can ask the instructors to take you around the track – just be ready to clock speeds of up to 160mph.


National Automobile Museum (Nevada)

The national automobile museum has a `wow’ factor that you won’t find in any other museum. You can explore the large collection of eye-popping cars that feature authentic street scenes. The museum also boasts of exhibits, galleries, and presentations that can meet the needs of every car enthusiast. Also, the museum hosts special events that can accommodate about 1200 guests. Some of the exhibits available include:

  • Celebrity autos
  • Art and collectibles
  • Race cars
  • Bill Harrah legendary collector
  • Off-road motorsports

Some of the celebrity-cars you’ll find here include John Wayne’s 1953 Corvette, 1973 Cadillac Eldorado (Elvis Presley’s), and John Kennedy’s 1962 Lincoln Continental.

Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart Germany

Mercedes Benz Museum, Stuttgart Germany

A true car enthusiast wants to learn about the history of Mercedes Benz. This information is available at The Mercedes Benz Museum. You’ll find hundreds of exhibits that take about 16000 square feet of space.

This exhibition not only gives the fascinating story of the iconic cars but also gives illuminating insights into the future. At the top level, the visitor can see exhibits that date back to 1886. Several legend rooms give the history of the brand. You’ll also get a glimpse of the day-to-day work of Mercedes Benz.

Each vehicle here is presented by documents, photos, pictures, and additional exhibits. Other things car enthusiasts will learn are:

  • The invention of the automobile
  • Birth of Mercedes
  • Times of change – diesel and supercharger
  • The road to emission and free mobility
  • Races and records

Peterson Automotive Museum

Peterson Automotive Museum features 250 vehicles from around the world. Car lovers can explore the most iconic cars in the world, trucks, and motorcycles.  Some of my favorite vehicles had those banks diesel performance parts installed.  You talk about speed!

Visitors can see:

  • Head of state cars
  • American classics
  • Cars that have pushed the boundaries of innovation
  • Award-winning hot rods
  • Cars that belong to Hollywood legends

Pagani Factory and museum

Pagani Factory and museum

Pagani hypercars are without a doubt the most expensive in the world. They are built by hand and customized with fiber. And every model is unique. The two models that will impress any car enthusiast is Huarya and Zonda. Another model that has been added to the lineup is Zonda Barchetta.

Pagani Museum highlights the history of Horatio Pagani. You will also get highlights from the philosophy of Horatio Pagani. Even today, his unique craftsman skills apply in every creative process.

North American Auto Show

The North American Auto Show is one of the biggest events in Detroit. Each year, manufacturers unveil new models and concept cars. This is an opportunity to learn new concepts about the American auto show. Most notably, you can find similar car shows in Florida and New York.


Tesla factory Fremont, CA

Tesla factory, Fremont, California

This is the world’s most advanced car factory with over 370 acres of land. The engineers aim for the highest level of craftsmanship. Some of the high-end cars that will wow any car enthusiast are Model 3, Model X, and Model S. While most of the tours are designed for these three models, there’s a program to allow for more viewing. If you’re one of the lucky few, you should make your reservations 1-2 weeks in advance.


Patagonia Jeep Tour with Quasar Expeditions

Have you ever thought of traversing the wilderness of the world? Quasar expeditions accommodate the needs of every jeep enthusiast. Guests can choose a guided tour or guide themselves. But to ensure they don’t get lost in the vast wilderness, a GPS is attached at the rear of the car.

Generally, the tours are available for adventurers and naturalists. The naturalists enjoy the beautiful scenery while the adventurers like to go hiking. And after a long day of exploring the wilderness, you can relax at the high-end hotels.

One of the cars that are sought by real car enthusiasts is the jeep wrangler. It’s known for its ruggedness and adventurous spirit. A satellite phone is included as the cost of the trip.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are craving a world-class roller coaster or you want a go-kart race, you can be sure of endless fun for everyone. Car enthusiasts can experience thrilling rides. You can also enjoy the elegance of bringing Ferrari to life. Don’t forget to leave without your piece of Ferrari – you can pick a souvenir from the impressive collection.

Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway Utah

Car enthusiasts from around the world travel to this pristine landscape to make their speed records. In 1914, the official speed was set at 141mph. And since then, the 630 mph barrier has been broken. The 12-mile stretch occupies 300,000 acres and has a salt crust that forms a perfectly flat race track.

Every year, the speedway hosts several events. If you’re going for sights, you should be mindful of the occasional afternoon rainstorms and high temperatures. For those looking for overnight accommodations, Wendover can be a great place.

If you plan to go to Bonneville, you should visit during summer – sunscreen is a must-have. During winter, the temperatures can go to sub-zero. If you’re renting a car, you should pay attention to the seasonal closures as salt can corrode the car.

Because the salt flats are perfect for photography, car lovers can bring their cameras. Some of the travel tips include when getting to the flats include:

  • Don’t go in the direction where signage prohibits
  • There are no vendors nearby, so you should buy food elsewhere
  • No overnight camping
  • Use the restroom before you get to the flats

There are many reasons car enthusiasts love this place. Just be prepared, and you won’t ever forget it.

Nurburgring Nordschleife track

Nurburgring Nordschleife

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is referred to by many as the `green hell’. This title came from Jackie Stewart, a Formula 1 driver. He described the wilderness that surrounds the track as `deep complexity’. If you’re a car enthusiast, you shouldn’t be afraid of the title. You’ll be thrilled to clock the 160MPH – at least once in a lifetime.

Nurburgring has been the go-to place for car developers who want to test their machines after completion. Here, you’ll find both new and renowned car manufacturers trying their best to set a new lap record. Some of the cars that have set the fastest laps are:

  • Mercedes AMG Black Series
  • Lamborghini Aventador SJV
  • Porsche 911 GT2 RS
  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante
  • Porsche 918 Spider

Whether you’re coming to the Nurburgring as a professional driver or co-pilot, you can be sure you’ll have lots of driving fun. Being one of the challenging race tracks in the world, any car enthusiast should expect an unforgettable experience.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

Located in Uptown Charlotte, the NASCAR Hall of Fame spans 150,000 feet. It honors the history of NASCAR drivers and crew members who have shown exceptional skills over the years. The high-tech venue hosts car enthusiasts who want to get entertained. Some of the features that will keep you thrilled include:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings RestaurantHall of Honor
  • 278-person State-of-the-art Theater

If a driver wants to be part of Hall of Fame nominations, he must be active in NASCAR for 10 years.

MONACO Grand Prix vacation


Any car enthusiast will see Monaco as a haven for supercars. Monaco is associated with exotic racing cars and formula 1 (both appeals to car lovers).

The small city is situated in France, but that should not bother you. Whether you like racing or you just love cars, this place will meet and exceed your expectation.

Monaco is not just your usual city. You can rarely walk down the stress without spotting a Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari 458 Spider.


Havana, Cuba

If you’re a classic car enthusiast, you should visit Havana, Cuba. They host the largest car shows from the 1950s. This is home for cars like Fords, Dodges, Pontiacs, Chevrolets, etc. Today, Cuba is a living museum for classic cars. Even the old American autos are well maintained, so it’s uncommon to find something beautiful that dates back to the 1950s.

Experts estimate that there are around 60,000 classic cars in Havana. About 30% hail from the 1930s and are often heirlooms that are passed from one generation to another.

From the collection, you’ll find Russian-made Ladas. The Nissans have also entered the scene. Another common brand is Chinese Greely’s. Due to their minimalistic design, you’ll find tourists driving them around Havana.

There are also nicer cars meant for doctors and other professionals. And because Cubans are permitted to sell cars freely, you’ll find some sports cars. However, the government has set tight controls on new cars in the market, so the locals pay high prices. You’ll be surprised to find a new Peugeot going for as high as $250,000.

Since there are no replacement parts for cars, you’ll find some mechanics extremely craft in repairs. They can even use imperfect parts just to keep things running.

If you’re a true car lover, you can take a ride in touristy areas like Varadero and Havana Vieja.

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

This is an off-road attraction that features graffiti-covered Cadillacs. With the nose buried to the ground, you’ll find classics that date back to 1948.

The Cadillac Ranch is located on route 66 of Amarillo. For decades, car enthusiasts have been stopping around the highway to view the cars. Some of the cars have on the ground for a decade and feature battered frames that are barely recognizable as frames.

And despite the being located in an empty field, car enthusiasts are always welcome in the field. You can even bring your paint. But whatever you create will only last for a few hours before someone creates something over.


Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo has been home to the most prestigious races in the world. It boasts of circuits that run through the city. Over the years, the narrow course has undergone several changes, especially on the tight corners. The race track hosts some of the best championships.

What makes this place iconic for any car enthusiast is the narrow circuit. It’s nearly a challenge for all drivers who want to put their skills to the line. It gets harder when overtaking on the streets. If you just like watching, you can stand at the apartment blocks or Grandstand B that overlooks Casino Square.

Carhenge, Alliance

Carhenge, Alliance

Carhenge is formed from the American Automobile that is covered by gray spray paint. The unique quirky icon is open all-year-round, and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. In addition to that, various art sculptures appeal to many car enthusiasts.


Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

This is an automotive charitable event that occurs in Pebble Beach, California. Being the world’s premier celebration for car lovers, this is a non-miss event. You’ll have a chance to see the historic Porsche 719, ISO RIVORTA, and other iconic cars from 1953.

The dinosaur diamond Pre-historic highway Utah

The dinosaur diamond Pre-historic highway

If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy driving on the highway. It stretches 480 miles, from Colorado to eastern Utah. Also, the entire route is covered with canyons and rocky formations. And as you travel the route, you’ll see some incredible natural wonders.

If you’re a true car enthusiast, you may want to explore the above places. Whether you like racing or you just love cars in general, they won’t disappoint you.

If You Want to See Parrots On Your Next Vacation, Where Should You Go?

green quaker parrot flying


If you are searching for parrots on your next vacation, where should you go? It is a great question for those who love to view the rarest species of wild parrots in the world. In general, parrots tend to hibernate in the warmer areas of the earth. There are different species of wild parrots in Mexico, Australia, North America, South America, Central America and other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, these places hold the largest amount of species. Parrots are members of the Psittaciformes family. It includes over 390 species that include: cockatoos, macaws, parakeets and cockatiels. And while there are a large number of parrot species, all of them hold common traits. The birds have a curved beak with zygodactyl feet, meaning four feet, with two toes that point forward and two toes that point backward. So where can these birds be found? Read on to find out where you can vacation and see the most exotic and wild parrot species.


You can come in walking distance with macaws and parrots at the Occidental at X-caret resort in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. The animals can be seen strolling the grounds and are so friendly with the guests that they say hello. Also visit the XCaret Park which is adjacent to the resort to see more of a variety of species of parrots. The Occidental resort has its own entrance to the park and also offers discounted admission.

There are also several species of parrots that live in the Mexican Rain Forest. While visiting you may see a Red Lored Parrot, a scarlet macaw, a Mealy Parrot and a Military Macaw. Mexico has 22 species of parrots and is a great place for someone to vacation who wants to see different species of parrots. Some of the parrots in Mexico are involved in pet trading. These include: the lilac-crowned parrot, the white-fronted parrot, the orange -fronted parakeet and the Mexican parrotlet.



Parrots are bountiful in Australia and can be seen in areas that include: South Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, Brisbane and New South Wales. See species that include: Aru Red-Cheeked Parrots, Australian King Parrots, Australian Ringneck, Blue Bonnet Parrot, Bonnet Parrot, Bourke-s Parakeets, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Clonsury Parrot, Coxen’s Fig Parrot, Eclectus Parrots, King Parakeet, Grass Parakeet, and the Hooded Parrot. Australia is definitely the place to visit for birdwatching and seeing the most varied species of parrots. It is the home of about 17 percent of the world’s parrots. . Of the 390 species of parrots that inhabit the earth, 56 of those are in Australia. And while you can find parrots all over Australia, you can visit Sydney Australia and get a great vacation with a bonus of excellent bird watching. The greatest species in Sydney is the Sulphur-crested cockatoo, which you will often see flying over the city center.

North America

In the middle of San Francisco is a place called Telegraph Hill. It is a winding place of residences filled with flagrant flowers and many species of wild parrots. You can see them on the south side as they fly with their groups or sit in the trees.

The Embracadero is the eastern waterfront and roadway of the port of San Francisco, California. People say that you can walk south and see many parrots. If you want to live in the area, the city has the Embracadero Club Apartments, which would put you close to the parrots, while giving you a chance to go bird watching daily.

If you are visiting Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco, there is a great chance that you will see red masked parakeets, blue crowned parakeets, rose-ringed parakeets and/or yellow chevroned parakeets. These birds live in large numbers in the cities mentioned and can be seen in your daily walk in the parks.

Southern California is one of the best known places that the parrot species has flocked to within the last 50 years. These birds have migrated to the area because of the warm weather. Southern California wild parrots are descendants from those that were imported into the area before importing was banned. They are well established and are comfortable in the climate and exotic floral plant life that can be found in Southern California. With their personal origins a mystery, traveling to the Southern California area will allow you to see these vibrant and beautiful birds flying high above your head.

There have been over 20 species of parrots observed in the South Florida area. Large groups of yellow-chevroned parakeets, rose-ringed parakeets, monk parakeets and canary-ringed parakeets have been seen in the area. Miami is one place where you may find several species of parrots. Yellow-chevroned parakeets, Amazons and blue and yellow macaws have all been spotted in large numbers.

Visiting Hyde Park in Chicago, Illinois will give you the opportunity to see three species of parrots. The red-crowned parrot, green parakeet and the monk parakeet have been seen by those walking in the park. Many people were surprised to see these animals in the cooler area of Chicago, but parrots and their species are being seen across the country, in warmer and cooer places.

Wild parrot species have made their way from South America and are now being found in the United States. They migrated about 50 years ago and are now largely seen in places that include: Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. These are considered colder places than one would expect these species to reside, but these parrots are showing that they are able to live in colder places when needed. From the historic Green Wood cemetery to Flatbush blocks in Brooklyn, these wild parrots have been there over 10 years and have made it clear that they are there to stay.

South America

The Forest of Catingaa located in Brazil is one place where they are working to help the Spix’s macaw to reintegrate with the other species of parrots located in South America. Brazil is leading the way in trying to save the Spix’s macaws who are nearing extinction. South America is the original land for the Spix’s macaws and Brazil is leading the way in bringing back as many species as possible.

nesting quaker parrot

Brazil’s Pantanal Wetlands

If you are visiting these wetlands to look for wildlife, you will probably run into the habitat for the hyacinth macaw. It is the largest macaw in the world. With a growth of 3 feet in length and a color of stunning cobalt blue, this is an unbelievable site that any real birdwatcher wants to see. The hyacinth macaw is an endangered species and is confined to this region. Their wing spread is 3 feet in length and their beaks are able to crack nuts that would be enviable to a hammer.

Central America

Tortuguero National Park in Costa Rico is one of the best destinations to see all species of parrots. You can kayak, boat or canoe around the park and do your birdwatching in one place. Spend your day at the national Park and see up close many varieties of parrots. Visit the beaches and lagoons, canals and rivers of the park and see these animals in their natural habitats.


The Amazon Rain Forest in Southern Peru

The rain forest is home to many different species of parrots. It is home to many macaws, parakeets and parrotlets. These birds will often live in the rainforests during the winter and then return to cooler regions during the spring and summer. While the Amazon rain forest must be visited under the most extreme safety precautions like being vaccinated before going, there are avid and adventurous birdwatchers who visit yearly.


Tambopata National Reserve

The Colorado clay lick located inside the natural reserve is a guaranteed place to see the blue and yellow macaws, scarlet macaws and several species of parrots, . They are in heavy population there and in most clay licks within Peru. Tambopata National Reserve is south of the Madre de Dios river in the Tambopata province. The area is forested hills and plains that are 200 to 400 meters above sea level. Birdwatching is a great way to spend some time in this area.

Manu National Park

Located in southern Peru and near the Madre de Dios and Cusco, the park is known for birdwatching parakeets, parrots and and rainbow colored macaws. There are seven species of the macaw found in the park that include: the scarlet macaw and the blue and gold macaw. The park is known for night hiking which is a favorite for visitors who want to be more adventurous.


There are six parrots that are specific to the African region, including the mainland of Madagascar and Mauritius. These include: The Cape Parrot which is a large South African parrot. It lives in the east and south regions of Africa near the yellowwood trees. The Echo Parakeet is another species within Africa. It is found in Mauritius and is the world’s rarest parrot species. There were only 20 of them counted in the 1980’s. The parrots have been brought back with a breeding program, but only 750 are known to be in the wild. The Grey Parrot aka known as The African Grey Parrot or The Congo Grey Parrot are found in West Africa on the Ivory Coast, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. Lovebirds are also apart of the parrot family and found in Madagascar and sub-Saharan Africa. The Rose Ringed Parakeet aka Ring Necked Parakeet can be found in Central Africa Senegal in the west to Sudan and Egypt in the east. The Timmeh Parrots can be found in the Ivory Coast, Mali, Sierra-Leona and the savannas of West Africa.


Hanging parrots are something for a birdwatching vacationer to behold. These small parrots can be found in tropical southern Asia hanging upside down from tree branches while eating their favorite fruits and nectar. They are only 5 inches long, green, short tailed wonders. They often sleep upside down as well.

parrots in india


There are 15 species of parrots known in India. They include: The Rainbow Lorikeet which is native to Australia, the rose ringed parakeet which is native to Africa and Asia, The African Grey Parrots which is native to Africa, The Blue and Yellow Macaw which is native to South America, The Budgerigar which is native to Australia, The Caique which is native to Brazil, The Eclectus which is native to Northeastern Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Sumba, Amazon Parrots which are native to Caribbean, Mexico, and South America, Moluccan Cockatoo which is native to Indonesia, The Sulfur Cockatoo which is native to Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia, Alexandrine Parakeet which is native to Pakistan, Nepal and India,

The Galah parrot which is native to Australia, The Cockatiel which is native to Australia, The Sun Corn Parrot which is native to Northeastern South America and The Lovebird which is native to Madagascar and Africa.

There are over 390 parrot species in the world. Most parrots are found in tree hollows, where the female will lay her eggs. There are also many who are sedentary and confined to one region. Take some time and map out vacation spots where you can enjoy the art of birdwatching for every species available. From Australia where many of the species can be found to other vacation spots around the world, these birds have become the staple for birdwatching lovers. The more you learn about the parrot family, the more intriguing they become. With varied colors and make up, they are becoming more visible in places around the country. And while they normally habitat in warmer places like South Florida, Southern California and the Caribbean, they have also been seen in much colder places like Chicago, Illinois and New York. Parrots, macaws, parakeets, cockatiels and cockatoos originated in South America and other parts of the world outside the United States, but have grown to be loved as pets in homes across the country, but make sure to always check out the parrot price before purchasing.  Mount Pleasant, South Carolina has had World Parrot Day since 2008 on the dates May 30 – May 31 to raise national awareness of threats to captive and wild parrots.

Best Places to Travel During Covid-19

travel during CoVid


The outbreak of COVID 19 is perhaps one event which had the biggest impact in modern economy. Even though there have been other challenges such as the financial crisis, the COVID 19 epidemic stands out on its own in terms of impact. It is a dire situation where the world comes to an economic standstill, and any step forward is slow and painful.

A study carried out by found out that a whopping 60 % of Americans have not taken a day of vacation since the vacation. There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon and these include the following:

-Getting sick due to COVID 19

-Outright death

-The financial implication of contracting the disease

-Getting the disease and then transmitting it to the loved ones

-Getting the disease irrespective of having the right safety measures

So, in such an epidemic, what happens to the person who likes traveling? The ability to travel has been curtailed. There have been major interruptions in the ability to travel. Anyway, many of the travel destinations have been closed at one time or the other. Other local authorities have had heavy restrictions that a travel would not be worth the cost and time.

Despite the challenges, it is imperative that you learn that you can travel even in the face of the pandemic. The US and the world do offer ample travel opportunities even in the time of the virus. This article will guide you on how and where to travel during the virus.

CoVid 19 Travel Restrictions

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Visit

Choose a destination which is sensitive to the rules and regulations of the pandemic. Most importantly, check if the destination in question follows the recommendations by World Health Organization. In addition to that, the voice of Fauci has led to an environment where the American population is more informed regarding the pandemic. In short, there are ample sources of information in the US which can help you get updated on the pandemic.

The following is a criteria which can be used to evaluate if a certain destination is viable when it comes to the cases of COVID 19 and if it is safe to travel:

-The number of reported virus cases for every 100,000 inhabitants

-The number of reported deaths

-The number of reported recoveries

-Health measures that are put in place

-How compliant the individual businesses are to COVID 19 measures

The safest places to travel are outdoor places as well as remote areas. In such places, the rate of transmission is low, and you are not going to face a lot of cases of exposure. As a matter of fact, you will realize that some remote places do not have any cases of the virus at all making it safe for you.

Sources of Data and Information Regarding COVID 19

John Hopkins University gives reliable data on the COVID 19 cases that are affecting the country

-John Hopkins University has identified the COVID 19 hot spots

­-Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Washington

-Data from the World Travel & Tourism Council

Palm Beach, FL

Palm Beach, Florida

Palm Beach, Florida, will welcome you with open arms and open palms. It has sample traveling opportunities that are going to ensure that your holiday is worth it. Florida, a sunshine state, offers unique traveling opportunities throughout the year, and you should exploit these opportunities for your relaxation.

Palm Beach County has laid concrete measures to protect the residents and the visitors from the effect of COVID 19. Health rules are prepared by the state authorities as well as the local authorities, and the two sets of rules support each other.

The following health rules are in place at Palm Beach:

Facial covering

Social distancing, at least 6 feet

-Businesses should follow cleaning guidelines

The Town staff gives regular updates on the situation of COVID 19 on the town, as well as updates for one of the best CPA Palm Beach accountants.

Palm Beach has allowed the following travel destinations to be open: vacation rentals, hotels, museums, attractions, parks, beaches, and campgrounds. As a matter of fact, many residents are learning to live with the virus through ensuring that there are concrete measures of protecting oneself.

Savannah Georgia

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia, has been pro-active in managing the spread of COVID 19. Places to visit in Savannah include Genteel & Bard | Fine Savannah History & Ghost Tours, Hyatt Regency, Salacia salts, and Eliza Thompson House.

Savannah has a rule that requires that people wear masks or any other type of face covering during the pandemic. When traveling in the state, the state does not just want the use of a mask, but rather, residents and visitors must be sure to cover their nose and mouth.

Esmeralda County, NV

Esmeralda County, Nevada

For Americans who love road trips and the fascination of nature, Esmeralda County is the place to visit. Here, you are not going to experience sufficient social amenities, but it will test how easily you can cope up with scarcity.

The people of Esmeralda County have shown a high level of restrain and willingness to manage the pandemic. The city benefits from isolation which has made it easier to manage the virus. In addition to that, the residents left the country after a devastating fire as well as a decrease in oil production.

Madeira Islands Portugal

Madeira Islands

Madeira Islands has put aggressive measures for the prevention and containment of COVID 19. It is a green zone region when it comes to the analysis of the virus, and have very few active cases compared to the rest of Europe.

At Madeira, you are going to experience the attractive beaches, and safe and clean restaurants. In addition to that, Portugal has an insurance policy that caters for COVID 19 specifically. Therefore, should you become sick, you are sure that you are not going to be crippled financially.

Asos Greece

Asos: Greece

Assos is located in Kefalonia Island, Greece. If you visit Asos, you are going to experience clear and blue skies, authenticity, unique food, and you are going to interact with cheerful people. A fishing village, Asos is regarded as one of the most ideal places to visit in the world.

Asos, like the rest of Greece, has been careful in screening the visitors. For example, prior to visiting Greece, one should ensure that a test is carried 72 hours prior to travel, and the test must be negative if one is allowed into the country.

The Maldives


On July 15th, the president of Maldives appreciated the need to re-open the country for the purpose of international tourism. After all, the country heavily relies on tourism and it had to be more aggressive in bringing back sources of income. If you visit Maldives, you are going to have a view of one of the most attractive places that the world has to offer.

As part of the health measures that the country has implemented, you must test negative to COVID 19 96 hours prior to your arrival time. When in the country, you have to implement health measures such as wearing of masks and social distancing.

safe travel during covid 19

What you should do

Now that you have identified the travel destination, the government may not do much to protect you from COVID 19. The responsibility lies with you. You have to protect yourself and others. Protecting yourself and others through following the recommended rules shows patriotism. The following initiatives will have a far-reaching impact in helping you to keep safe and protect yourself and others:

-Actively wearing facial covering whether the travel destination requires it or not

-Following social distancing rules

-Following the local and national news keenly in order to gain critical insight about the pandemic

-Avoid any form of congestion by all means

-Avoid any type of a crowd by all means

-If you are an older adult, then it is time to be overly prepared for any eventuality. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has had a heavy toll on the older generation.

-Similarly, if you have a certain chronic condition, diabetes fort instance, you need to be very careful when you are making travel plans. Ensure that you are as careful as you can.

Where You Should Not Travel

There are a number of hotspots that reputable organizations have identified. These include the following:

New York: The first case of COVID 19 was confirmed on March 1, 2020. At around July, New York had the highest number of cases in the country with the majority of the cases concentrated in the city. So serious has been the surge in the city that the elections were affected. The state and the city have had many cases throughout the year.

-New Orleans as well as the urban areas of the Northeast

-Some Sunbelt towns of Arizona

-El Paso County, Texas, has been hard hit by the pandemic

There are a few travel destinations or countries which chose to ignore the seriousness of the pandemic. For example, countries such as Mexico chose not to seriously monitor the pandemic. The official assessment is far different from the ground. The fact is that people are dying, and others are becoming sick, from COVID 19. Any attempts to deny the pandemic is not only futile, but will harm the community at large.

future of CoVid 19

The Future of the Pandemic

It is not all doom, there is hope for the future. In a few months, you will be able to make a full plan on the best trip you can afford, and you will not be worried about the virus. The US has been more cautious in approving a vaccine, but one will be available in the course of time.

Pfizer has stated that its vaccine is safe and 95 % effective. Similarly, Moderna has had a solid scientific method and has shown positive results in its large trials. Other vaccines are in the pipeline, with a few showing promising results and time will tell if the vaccines will be consequential.

Operation Warp Speed is an ambitious initiative by the government and the private sector to ensure that the vaccine is developed and made available to the American public. As far as a vaccine is safe and effective, it receives faster clinical trials and is supported in the production process. The US has already injected a lot of funds for this program.

However, remember that even if the vaccine is made available, not everyone is going to access it right away. The following groups of people are likely to benefit most from the first batch of the vaccine:

-The older people

-The healthcare workers

-Nursing homes


Again, having a vaccines will not mean that everyone is safe right away. The government will continue laying a strong emphasis on the need for social distancing as well as other safety measures. This will go on until a comprehensive impact of the vaccines is studied.

using a travel agent

Why you should use a travel agent

A travel agent goes a long way in helping you plan your vacation, and this will be more relevant in the time of the vacation. A travel agent has monitored how COVID 19 is spreading and will be in a position to guide you on the best course of action. Most importantly, the travel agent will guide you on the safest places to travel.

You should understand that due to COVID 19, travel plans could change any time, and sometimes, without notice. As a matter of fact, you could cancel the travel plan. In such a case, you are going to go through many losses. But if you use a travel agent, you are going to have an easier time when cancelling or changing your travel plans. You could, in fact, lose nothing. Travel agents can help you seek a viable and sustainable alternative when things go wrong.


A pandemic should not discourage you from taking a vacation. You just need to narrow down your choices to better options. Again, your personal responsibility in protecting yourself matters a lot. Overall, there are safe travels destinations in this time of COVID 19, go out there, explore, and have fun.


Why Have a Vacation in Sacramento?

Sacramento CA


There are many reasons to have a Sacramento vacation and many things you should try to see. Sacramento is California’s state capital; however, it is pretty low key in terms of profile compared to the other major Californian cities. It was chosen as the state capital because, at the time, it was a major player in the “Gold Rush.” The location, which is not far from the Pacific coast, and close to the Sierra Nevada, was also a factor.

These days Sacramento has dropped to number six position in terms of population of cities in California. That perhaps is why it is an attractive place to visit, compared to its larger neighbors. The city os big enough to offer a wide range of activities, but not so large that the crush makes walking around uncomfortable on your Sacramento Vacation.

Places to Visit During a Sacramento Vacation


Some people are very fond of visiting museums and delight in wandering the various galleries they contain. Sacramento has several such museums that you may want to visit on your Sacramento vacation. We suggest the following.

crocker art museum Sacramento

Crocker Art Museum

The Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento was one of the earliest art museums in the USA and set the standard for other museums to follow. It was established as long ago as 1885. It is home to

  • The countries best collection of Californian art.
  • Collections of master drawings
  • A vast collection of international ceramics
  • European Art, Asian Art, African Art, and oceanic Art

As well as its world-famous collection, you will also find the Gerald Hansen Library and Totland at the Crocker Museum. The museum is closed every Monday.

Address: 216 O St, Sacramento, CA 95814-5399

California State Capitol Museum

California State Capitol Museum

The State Capitol has been home to the California legislature since 1969. Following a major renovation, it is now possible to see how much of the historic building used to look. Visitors to the museum are now permitted to tour the restored offices of the secretary of State, Treasurer, and Governor of California. There are tours and various exhibits to add to your enjoyment, and you might also get the chance to watch a debate or vote.

located downtown Sacramento at 10th and L Streets

California State Railroad Museum Sacramento

California State Railroad Museum

California State Railroad Museum has been closed since November 2020 because of the Pandemic. During this time a general contractor Sacramento has been doing extensive work, so that when it opens it will have an all new, fresh appearance.  At some stage, it will reopen, and this is what to expect. Get up close to 150-year-old trains or take a fun ride on rails that were a major part of California’s development. Visit a variety of exhibits that tell the story of rail in California.

111 I Street, Sacramento, California, 95814

California Automobile Museum Sacramento

California Automobile Museum

This is a place that will entertain and educate you. Learn about the automobile and the influence it had (and still has) in our everyday life. A really amazing selection of cars that can retain the interest for a couple of hours Reminders of the cars that many people used in their youth. A real nostalgia trip at this museum. A place to return to time and time again.

Address: 200 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95818-1107

Powerhouse Science Center Sacramento

Powerhouse Science Center

Now called SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity. It is an interactive museum that includes many very different exhibits, many with a hands-on element that the kids will love. Make sure you do not miss the Planetarium Experience. It is not a large museum, but there is plenty to do and explore.

Address: 3615 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95821-2007

Traveling with Children

Of course, some children are fascinated by museums, and they probably will enjoy the Powerhouse Science Center, but sometimes they want to relax and play. If you have children at your party, we suggest that you include the following attractions in your itinerary.

Sacramento Zoo Tigers

Sacramento Zoo

Zoos are great family activities, and it is a fun activity for bringing families closer. Recently the zoo had a baby giraffe born, and this will become a firm favorite, we are sure. The zoo is a non-profit organization, and they place a high priority on animal welfare. There are over 500 native, rare, and endangered animals at Sacramento zoo. The recently renovated lion house allows you to get up close to rare African lions and includes a walk through a glass tunnel.

Address: 3930 West Land Park Drive, Sacramento, CA 95822

McKinley Park Sacramento

McKinley Park

Another place not to miss on your Sacramento Vacation The well-designed park includes a baseball field, a children’s playground, and a lake—a riot of color in the summer months. The park includes an adventure play area that the younger children will love. Do not miss the climbing wall or the swimming and wading pools. McKinley Park is a wonderful place for picnics. The only downside is they seem to lock the bathrooms randomly.

Address: 601 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento,

Fairytale Town Sacramento

Fairytale Town

Fairytale Town is a non-profit park facility with twenty-six playsets for children to enjoy, each based on a fairytale or nursery rhyme. The park has been open for 60 years and has served generations of families. There is also a flock of friendly animals and two performance stages that make the whole experience great for families to enjoy.

Address: 3901 Land Park Drive, Sacramento

Totland (at Crocker Art Museum)

Totland (at Crocker Art Museum)

Taking young children to an art museum is not normally a great experience. The kids get bored and parents frustrated. But at the Crocker Art Museum, they have opened Tot Land. A place where children under 5 can use their imagination and experience hands-on installations that will fire their imagination, created especially for Tot Land.

See Crocker Art Museum Above

History & Culture

We live in a world full of pressure and bustle. A fast-moving lifestyle with very little time to takes things slower. That is why soaking in American culture and exploring places associated with our historical past are such a delight. Take some time to slow down and discover how things once were, pacing your activities on your Sacramento Vacation

Old Sacramento Waterfront

Old Sacramento

The Old Sacramento Waterfront is a historic district that contains everything you need for a pleasant day out. Whether you are looking for local culture or great entertainment, The Old Waterfront has it all, including riverboats, horse-drawn rides, and railroad excursions. Or, you can choose to wander, explore the stores and places to eat.

The Visitors Center is located at 1002 2nd St Sacramento.

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park Sacramento

Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park

Following a $22 million renovation that took over 14 years to complete, the Leland Stanford Mansion State Historic Park finally reopened in all its glory. Still, unfortunately, at the time of writing, because of the Pandemic, it is only the outdoor areas that are open, At some point that will change. You will be able to explore the 19,000 square foot mansion as well.

Address: 800 “N” Street, Sacramento

Places to Eat That You Should Not Miss

One of the most enjoyable parts of a Sacramento Vacation is discovering eating places that are novel and that offer a new experience. Here are some of the best places to enjoy during your Sacramento vacation.

The Waterboy Sacramento

The Waterboy

A seasonal menu inspired by European cuisine, with fine wines and a full bar. The prices are very reasonable for quality food. The environment is crowded and exudes atmosphere. Not a place for intimate conversation. An adult restaurant with plenty of atmospheres.

Address: 2000 Capitol Ave, Sacramento

Casa Garden Sacramento

Casa Garden

The main dining room is full of natural light, which bounces off the white linen covered tables. It has been open for 46 years, and its profits go to the Sacramento Children’s home. Volunteers staff the restaurant. If you get the opportunity to visit in the future, do so, and enjoy a memorable experience. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, the venue is closed now, and there are doubts about whether it can ever reopen.

Address: 276 Sutterville Road, Sacramento

Grange Restaurant Sacramento

Grange Restaurant

According to Michelin, this restaurant is primarily a downtown business restaurant, but they add that it also has a lot to offer casual diners. The menu features locally grown produce and sustainable seafood. Meats are organically grown, and the presentation is straight forward American style. The building has a long history, and the restaurant uses a two-story space.

Address: 926 J Street, Sacramento

Fun things to Do

A Sacramento Vacation is for relaxing, so in this section, we look at some leisure activities to be found in Sacramento. Nightclubs, Golf, and Virtual reality are just some of the activities on offer

TopGolf Sacramento

TopGolf Sacramento

This is the ultimate Social venue for golfers and their friends (you do not even have to like golf to enjoy this venue). It features 102 bays spread over 3 floors. It is a bit like golf meets bowling as a concept. The place is usually full, but it does not seem crowded due to the clever design and trained staff. They serve food at the driving range stations and offer friendly service—an excellent choice for an evening out.

Address: 1700 Freedom Way, Roseville, Sacramento

District 30 Nightclub Sacramento

District 30 Nightclub

An awesome sound system with cool seating areas where you can enjoy reasonably priced drinks. Happy hour specials are two dollar beers and free food. This is definitely a popular local venue where people have a good time—my insider tip for Sacramento. The club opens Thursday through to Saturday till 3 am.

Located in the K Street Mall

Zion Virtual Reality Sacramento

Zion Virtual Reality

You need to book online for this popular venue (no walk-ins). Never tried VR? Then this is the place to come and experience it (training is given). Experienced players will love it too, whether single players or groups. ItIt is a great place for a family evening out. At just one venue, you get the opportunity to play a whole range of cutting-edge games in a premium, air-conditioned venue.

2401 Folsom Blvd STE 125, Rancho Cordova


Some people prefer more formal tours, and we have found three great tours for you to enjoy during your Sacramento Vacation.

Napa Valley Wine Tour California

Napa Valley Wine Tour

This is the ultimate Napa Valley wine tasting tour. Sure, there are cheaper tours, but this one is the ultimate experience, and it’s a private tour. It’s a half-day chauffeur-driven tour. Start the tour with complimentary champagne and set off to stop at five tasting rooms. You even get to choose the wineries to visit. Price includes up to seven guests, All of this with a local pickup. Note – it does not include the tasting fees. Take home a personally chosen selection of wine from your Sacramento Vacation.

+1 (702) 648-5873

Downtown Sacramento Historical Food Tour

Downtown Sacramento Historical Food Tour

Learn all about Sacramento’s history as you call into local eateries to sample dishes. Sample local products in small stores and eateries/ A knowledgeable guide who will tell stories about Sacramento’s history. Sample small bite-size tasters and treats from artisans while you get an introduction to Sacramento food culture. You will also get to see key landmarks during the tour. It is the ideal balance between history and great cuisine.

Sacramento Historic River Cruise

Sacramento Historic River Cruise

During yourSacramento Vacation, why not take a comfortable one-hour yacht cruise provides some history from Sacramento with a live narration supplied by the captain. See some of Sacramento’s historic sites. It is best to book ahead on this popular cruise. The tours take place between Thursday and Sunday with three cruises each afternoon.

1206 Front St, Sacramento, CA 95814 between K and L Street – the L Street Dock.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the above, there is a lot more to a Sacramento Vacation than you may first have thought. There are activities and opportunities for all the family. Make sure that you are not missing out on California’s hidden gem.

If you are reading this article during the period of the Pandemic, it is advisable to check whether venues are open or opened with modified conditions, before you make firm plans.